Tooth stain eraser lfsponge oral care teeth clean

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Tooth stain eraser lfsponge oral care teeth clean kit

lfsponge new teeth eraser has a specially designed cleaning tip to gently lift off surface stains. Simple to use you can achieve a noticeable effect after the first use. Helps to remove stains caused by tea, coffee, cola, red wine, food and tobacco for whiter, brighter teeth.

Plaque can harden into tartar in a matter of hours, once it adheres to teeth, tartar cannot be removed by brushing. which is why it's so important to brush daily.

New teeth eraser from lfsponge is 2020 innovative teeth cleaning kit, it can works fast to absorb stubborn stains and dental plaque ,which caused by smoking, tea, coffee, fruit juice, chewing areca-nut, and other food colourings. It help you maintain your teeth whitening in 1 minutes, anytime and anywhere you can do.

New teeth eraser main Advantages
1/ Effective& Painless , Nano Tube Technology,Easily absorb teeth stains
2/ Instantly Restore White Teeth: Fast to remove teeth stains/plaque
3/ Not hurt enamel: Chemical free, erase teeth stains with water only.
4/ stylish design: make it possible to take it with you. onvenient for using it anytime or anywhere you want.

Customized package is available.

Caution: Please clean your mouth with water after using the oral hygiene tooth kit. It is not recommended for children to use this product.
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