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Tobee® Warman 12x10FF-AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump
  • Tobee® Warman 12x10FF-AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump
  • Tobee® Warman 12x10FF-AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump is robust state of the art slurry pumps that feature oil or grease lubrication bearing assemblies and complete interchangeable with other major brands. The 12x10 centrifugal slurry pump can be supplied in high chrome alloy materials specifically designed for heavy duty slurry applications.

    Sales Manager/International dept.
    Add: Hi-tech Development Zone | Shijiazhuang City 050000 | Hebei Province | China.
    Email: | Mob: +86-18031340097 | Fax: +86 311-87221317 | Skype:+8618031340097
    Web: | |
Gold dore bars
  • Gold dore bars
  • Dear Sir/madam

    We are group of Gold/ diamond Miners in republic of Ghana,

    We have gold dust & gold bar for sale, we are looking for buyers,

    we need an organization or individual that can help us sell our gold
    then invest with us,then we shall go into partnership with them as to
    develop our mining concession,

    We will be pleased to go into partnership with you. If Only You Can
    Understand Our Primary Problems.

    We Are Facing a lots of Problems in Our Mining concessions, Because we
    Lack Modern Mining Equipment And Machines.

    We have in stock 520kg gold dust.

    Purity : 96.5%.

    Carats:22 carats Plus.

    Origin: Ghana.

    Please Note :
    In the event that you do not buy gold, be kind enough to forward our
    contact email to a Gold Buyer. As our Agent we are ready to give 10%
    commission of the total purchase if you can connect us to a gold
    I am expecting your reply soonest,

    Best regards,
    Mr. Marcus Ofori
USED RAILS R50-R65 - €150 Per MT
  • USED RAILS R50-R65 - €150 Per MT
  • RECYCLING DEVELOPMENTS LTD is a well-known Exporter and Supplier of

    various Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal such as

    COPPER WIRE SCRAP === €3,000 Per MT
    BALED TYRE SCRAP == €65 Per MT
    HMS 1&2 == €120 Per MT
    USED RAILS R50-R65 - €150 Per MT

    and many more and we are also dealers in both plastic and rubber

    scraps such as

    PET BOTTLE SCRAP == €200 Per MT
    HDPE BOTTLE == €350 Per MT
    HDPE DRUMS == €300 Per MT
    LDPE FILMS == €300 Per MT
    ABS SCRAP == €200 Per MT
    BABY DIAPERS == €300 Per MT
    PU FOAM SCRAP == €300 Per MT

    And lots more, As a reputed Exporter and Supplier, we bring forth a

    wide range of products, meeting various requirements. The products

    that we offer are available in several variants and are known all over

    the world for their quality and affordable price.
Gold Bars,Dust,nuggets and Diamonds for Sale
  • Gold Bars,Dust,nuggets and Diamonds for Sale
  • we sell fine quality gold bars with the below specs

    Product: Gold Bars
    Purity: 98%+
    Carats: 23+
    Quantity: 3000 kg available now

    We equally have Gold dust and gold nugget in large quantities. We also have rough uncut diamonds and certified loose cut diamonds. If any one is interested, contact us for details
Gold  Bars and Nuggets
  • Gold Bars and Nuggets
  • Prior to selling to buyers we ensure that the unrefined gold is Assayed to determine their quality and quantity for legal export. We sell at CIF price and engage Brinks, a world recognised high security company, to deliver to buyer's nominated Refinery at port of delivery. The whole transaction is handled bank to bank of seller and buyer to ensure security and transparency with all relevant supportive legal agreement.
    Contact us back using this Details
    whatsapp or contact :+237672235363
  • I'm Jean Pierre Kabamba from Democratic Republic of Congo.We are local gold miners from Katanga and Durba ,South Kivu province.We are searching for potential buyers and partners world wide.We are searching for serious buyers willing to established a long term business relationship.We are also ready to work with families and companies willing to Keep their wealth and assets in gold bars.Find below as well detailed technical specification of the consignment.

    Commodity: Gold Nuggets or Bars
    Origin: D.R. Congo
    Price: 25,000 USD per kg
    Purity: 98+% or better
    Carats: 22+
    Quantity: 250 kilograms on a monthly basis for the next 12 months
    Product history: Clean, too clear. Not liens and non-criminal origin.

    For more information and questions on our procedures please kindly contact us.

    Jean Pierre Kabamba
    Durba,South Kivu
    D R Congo
    Cell/Watsup +243999016861\ +971523572184
    Email :\
Grade A Copper Wire and Copper Cathode
  • Grade A Copper Wire and Copper Cathode
  • 1.copper scrap

    2.wire from copper cables.


    4.sgs/ciq/bv..any inspection.

    5.factory,prompt shipment.

    Chemical composition (%):

    Cu: =99.95.Bi:=0.002.Sb:=0.002.As:=0.002. Fe:=0.005. Ni:=0.005. Pb:=0.002. Sn:=0.002. S:=0.005. O:=0.002. Zn:=0.005. P:=0.001.

    Range of work:Copper scrap with the purity of copper 99%, 97%, 95%.

    99% copper scrap is mainly composed by pure copper wire and pure electrical cable, the diameter is above 1.6mm.

    97% copper scrap is mainly scrap copper wire, cable. 95% copper scrap mainly is scrap copper wire,cable,tube etc.

    Other copper scrap wire:

    #1 cu: 99-96%.

    #2 cu: 96-94%.

    #3 cu: 94-92%.

    Wire diameter: 0.30mm, 0.25mm, 0.20mm.

    Weight/spool: 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 15 kg, 20kg.

    Tensile strength: 1000 n/mm2, 900 n/mm2, 500 n/mm2, 450 n/mm2, n/mm2.

    Range of usage:. Electrical, light industry, machinery, building industry, national defense industry.

    Copper scraps in industries are important sources of the raw materials.

    All kinds of can be recycled and Recycling waste production with copper.

    Test result;

    Copper. 99.9%. Carbon. 0.03%. Phosphorus. 0.01%max. Coblet. 0.01%max. Sulphur. 0.01%max. Iron. 0.005%max. Zinc. 0.003%.

    Detail description:

    Copper wire;

    -copper wire grade 1: including no nudity , no coating, no alloy of pure copper wire.
We will buy gold
  • We will buy gold
  • I am looking for gold suppliers. Payments after testing in the refinery within 48 hours of issuing the certificate. We offer complete and secure transactions. Contact us at We are interested in gold with a 22+ carat sample. We do not make prepayments and advances. We cover airport charges. We provide full legal services.
Metal Products manufacturing & Powder Coating
  • Metal Products manufacturing & Powder Coating
  • We manufacture Products made of various types of metal like Seel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Corten for the furniture industry, Interior design companies. Our product range includes: Furniture frames, bases, metal furniture and accessories and other bespoke products.
    All products can be powder coated to any desired colour or texture.
Seamless pipes SSAW pipes
  • Seamless pipes SSAW pipes
  • denumire produs UM cantitate L bara m kg/ml lei/kg pret lei/ml total
    teava fara sudura D 48.3x3.2 ml 222 3,56 4,5 16,02 3556,44
    teava fara sudura D 76.1x3.2 ml 467,55 5,75 4,5 26 12156,3
    teava fara sudura D 51x3 ml 240 3,55 4,5 16 3840
    teava fara sudura D 76.1x3.25 ml 96 5,84 4,5 26,28 2522,88
    teava fara sudura D114.3x3.6 ml 15,24 9,83 4,5 44,23 674,14
    teava fara sudura D60.3x3.22 ml 373,66 4,53 4,5 20,38 7615,19
    teava fara sudura D60.3x3.7 ml 278 5,16 4,5 23,22 6455,16
    teava fara sudura D33.7x2.6 ml 463,29 1,99 5 9,95 4609,73
    teava fara sudura D42.4x3,2 ml 45,5 3,08 4,5 13,86 630,63
    teava fara sudura D42.4x2.9 ml 676,4 2,82 4,5 12,69 8583,52
    teava fara sudura D 48.3x3.25 ml 559,5 3,61 4,5 16,24 9086,28
    teava fara sudura D 48.3x2.9 ml 254,52 3,25 4,5 14,62 3721,08
    teava fara sudura D 76.1x2.9 ml 120 5,23 4,5 23,53 2823,6
    teava fara sudura D 76.1x3.6 ml 532,4 6,44 4,5 29 15439,6
    teava fara sudura D 355.6x10 ml 67,27 85,32 4,5 394 26504,38
    teava SSAW 508x8 ml 135,23 98,64 3,5 345 46654,35
    teava SSAW 610x8 ml 70 118,68 2,5 297 20790
    teava SSAW 610x8 ml 84 118,68 3,5 415,38 34891,92
    teava fara sudura D 168.3x7,1 ml 129 28,17 4,5 127 16383
    teava fara sudura D 114,3x7,1 ml 22,24 18,77 4,5 84,46 1878,39
    teava fara sudura D 273x9,5 ml 67 61,73 4,5 278 18626
    teava fara sudura D 114,3x6,3 ml 72 16,78 4,5 75,51 5436,72
    teava SSAW 813x10 ml 29,7 198 2,5 495 14701,5
    teava trasa 508x13 ml 6,3 158,69 4,5 714 4498,2
Seamless Steel Pipe, Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe(CS
  • Seamless Steel Pipe, Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe(CS
  • Top quality —— Hydralic Test, X-ray, Offer-line UT, Eddy Current Inspection, etc, 3rd party inspection to test.
    Fast delivery —— Many sets of advanced production equipment to produce, as well as perfect logistics system.
    Timely quotation —— professional sales quote for you after receive your inquiry.
    Certificate share —— MTC, ISO, Inspection Report and other quality certification.
    Used for oil and gas transportation, the general structure, mechanical structure.
    Size: OD: 13.72-914.4mm / WT: 1.65-22mm,
    Length: 0.5mtr-20mtr
    Standard: API5L,ASTM A106/A53, DIN2391,ASTM A179/A192,EN10210,EN10208
    Material: GR.B, X42, X46, X52, S355J0H, S355J2H, 10#, 20#,316L,304
    Heat treatment: Annealed, Normalized, Stress relieved, Cold finished, Quenched and Tempered
    Delivery Condition: BKS,NBK,BK ,BKW, GBK(+A), NBK(+N), BK(+C)
    Test: Chemical Component Analysis, Mechanical Properties and other inspection
    Third Inspection: BV, SGS,Lloyds ect.
    Pipe ends: with plain ends , with beveled ends, profiled
    Coatings and linings: bared and coated
Non-sparking Ratchet Wrenches come from China
  • Non-sparking Ratchet Wrenches come from China
  • Material: Albronze/beryllium alloy
    Technique: Casting/forging
    Face treatment: Electrostatic spraying
    Certificate: ISO9001/UKAS
    Packing: Strong carton+Wooden pallet or according to customers requirements.
    Development Mode: The Customer acknowledges drawings
    Advantage: Dimension inspection, Tension inspection, Surface inspection, Chemical inspection and etc.
    Customize: ODM/OEM
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