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Grade A Copper Wire and Copper Cathode
  • Grade A Copper Wire and Copper Cathode
  • 1.copper scrap

    2.wire from copper cables.


    4.sgs/ciq/bv..any inspection.

    5.factory,prompt shipment.

    Chemical composition (%):

    Cu: =99.95.Bi:=0.002.Sb:=0.002.As:=0.002. Fe:=0.005. Ni:=0.005. Pb:=0.002. Sn:=0.002. S:=0.005. O:=0.002. Zn:=0.005. P:=0.001.

    Range of work:Copper scrap with the purity of copper 99%, 97%, 95%.

    99% copper scrap is mainly composed by pure copper wire and pure electrical cable, the diameter is above 1.6mm.

    97% copper scrap is mainly scrap copper wire, cable. 95% copper scrap mainly is scrap copper wire,cable,tube etc.

    Other copper scrap wire:

    #1 cu: 99-96%.

    #2 cu: 96-94%.

    #3 cu: 94-92%.

    Wire diameter: 0.30mm, 0.25mm, 0.20mm.

    Weight/spool: 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 15 kg, 20kg.

    Tensile strength: 1000 n/mm2, 900 n/mm2, 500 n/mm2, 450 n/mm2, n/mm2.

    Range of usage:. Electrical, light industry, machinery, building industry, national defense industry.

    Copper scraps in industries are important sources of the raw materials.

    All kinds of can be recycled and Recycling waste production with copper.

    Test result;

    Copper. 99.9%. Carbon. 0.03%. Phosphorus. 0.01%max. Coblet. 0.01%max. Sulphur. 0.01%max. Iron. 0.005%max. Zinc. 0.003%.

    Detail description:

    Copper wire;

    -copper wire grade 1: including no nudity , no coating, no alloy of pure copper wire.
Metal Products manufacturing & Powder Coating
  • Metal Products manufacturing & Powder Coating
  • We manufacture Products made of various types of metal like Seel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Corten for the furniture industry, Interior design companies. Our product range includes: Furniture frames, bases, metal furniture and accessories and other bespoke products.
    All products can be powder coated to any desired colour or texture.
Seamless pipes SSAW pipes
  • Seamless pipes SSAW pipes
  • denumire produs UM cantitate L bara m kg/ml lei/kg pret lei/ml total
    teava fara sudura D 48.3x3.2 ml 222 3,56 4,5 16,02 3556,44
    teava fara sudura D 76.1x3.2 ml 467,55 5,75 4,5 26 12156,3
    teava fara sudura D 51x3 ml 240 3,55 4,5 16 3840
    teava fara sudura D 76.1x3.25 ml 96 5,84 4,5 26,28 2522,88
    teava fara sudura D114.3x3.6 ml 15,24 9,83 4,5 44,23 674,14
    teava fara sudura D60.3x3.22 ml 373,66 4,53 4,5 20,38 7615,19
    teava fara sudura D60.3x3.7 ml 278 5,16 4,5 23,22 6455,16
    teava fara sudura D33.7x2.6 ml 463,29 1,99 5 9,95 4609,73
    teava fara sudura D42.4x3,2 ml 45,5 3,08 4,5 13,86 630,63
    teava fara sudura D42.4x2.9 ml 676,4 2,82 4,5 12,69 8583,52
    teava fara sudura D 48.3x3.25 ml 559,5 3,61 4,5 16,24 9086,28
    teava fara sudura D 48.3x2.9 ml 254,52 3,25 4,5 14,62 3721,08
    teava fara sudura D 76.1x2.9 ml 120 5,23 4,5 23,53 2823,6
    teava fara sudura D 76.1x3.6 ml 532,4 6,44 4,5 29 15439,6
    teava fara sudura D 355.6x10 ml 67,27 85,32 4,5 394 26504,38
    teava SSAW 508x8 ml 135,23 98,64 3,5 345 46654,35
    teava SSAW 610x8 ml 70 118,68 2,5 297 20790
    teava SSAW 610x8 ml 84 118,68 3,5 415,38 34891,92
    teava fara sudura D 168.3x7,1 ml 129 28,17 4,5 127 16383
    teava fara sudura D 114,3x7,1 ml 22,24 18,77 4,5 84,46 1878,39
    teava fara sudura D 273x9,5 ml 67 61,73 4,5 278 18626
    teava fara sudura D 114,3x6,3 ml 72 16,78 4,5 75,51 5436,72
    teava SSAW 813x10 ml 29,7 198 2,5 495 14701,5
    teava trasa 508x13 ml 6,3 158,69 4,5 714 4498,2
HTE ED Copper foil used for PCB as per IPC 4562
  • HTE ED Copper foil used for PCB as per IPC 4562
  • HTE ED Copper Foil

    Nominal Thickness: 12/15/18/35/50/70um
    Width: max 1290mm
    Cu Content: 99.8%
    Tensile Strength: max 280MPA
    Elongation: min 4%
    Peel Strength: min 1.20kg/cm
    Roughness of Shiny side: max 0.4Ra
    Roughness of Matte side: max 5~20.0 Rz
    High temperature elongation
    Standard: IPC 4562
    Application: CCL, PCB, EMI Shielding material
Torpedo Heating Stations
  • Torpedo Heating Stations
  • Remso Control Technologies is manufacturer and exporter of Torpedo Heating Stations. Delivering to the markets successfully in large quantities and with real optimization and quality assurance. Designed especially for the heating of torpedo’s with actual flow rate of burner which produces direct flame to ensure uniform distribution throughout the area. The burner features a wide operating window having flame stability from slightly reducing through high excess air operation for meeting or exceeding most refractory dry-out cycle specifications.

    • Simple Structure
    • Long Service Life
    • Wide Application
    • Optimized BOM
    • Quality Material

    High end in house manufacturing process from Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for Ladle Pre heaters which is having Dual Jet Burner System generally can use a variety of control techniques to monitor cold air and natural gas combustion and the heat-up, soak and dry-out cycles. Two angled, offset, high-velocity burner heads direct the flames and hot gases to the extreme ends of the car or enclosure while producing circulation patterns for optimum drying, heating and cycle control. Remso supplies an optional free-standing, pre-piped and pre-wired rack containing the regulators, controller, flame monitoring equipment, fan, valves, components and piping with quality assured materials.
fulfill orders based on your technical drawings
  • fulfill orders based on your technical drawings
  • Bodor Technical Solutions can give you an offer and fulfill orders based on your technical drawings and request. Below are the variety of products and activities in our profile:

    Turning and milling of metal and plastic (CNC machining centre, CNC turning machines,general turning and milling machines)
    Metal casting (precision metal casting, aluminium casting, tooling)
    Small and middle size metal, stainless steel, aluminium structures (bending of tubes, tables, chairs, frames, wheelchair parts with powder coating, sandblasting)
    Injection moulding and toolmaking (PE, PP, PS, ABS, POM)
duplex seamless pipe
  • duplex seamless pipe
  • available ready stock of duplex & super duplex stainless steel in form of pipes, sheets, plates, bars, angles, channels, flanges, fastners, butt-weld fittings, socket weld fittings, instrumentation fittings, ferrule fittings, wire, wire mesh, forged components, cnc components etc in all size and range.

    available grade duplexc steel uns-s31803, s32205
    super duplex steel : uns-s32750, s32760, s39274, s32550
Good Star Group Metal Garden Shed
  • Good Star Group Metal Garden Shed
  • Metal Garden Shed

    A metal garden shed is typically a simple, single-storey roofed structure.
    Metal sheds are a good choice when long-term strength and resistance to fire, rot, or termites is desired.
    Apex roof sheds have the apex gable ends and are the most popular and economical type of metal shed design.
    Pent roof sheds have a roof with slight slope and is almost flat in shape, the design can ensure water does not sit on top of the shed.

    Our metal garden sheds are the best choice for your outdoor storage.
    Most commonly, they can be used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop.

    WHY US
    High quality material
    Our products are made of 0.3mm color plate and 0.6mm zinc steel frame.
    Easy in assembly
    The metal garden sheds are pre-cut and pre-drilled for fast assembly.
    Rust, water and wind resistance
    Our sheds are made of steel, they have a strong structure and high resistance of rust, water and wind.
    Professional mail order packages
    All the products will be packed in mail order packages, make them easy to transport and store.
    Strong production capacity
    With advanced equipment and skilled workers, our factory has a 5000 sets/month production capacity.

    Delivery Lead Time
    Within 40 days after deposit received.
Rebar cutter machine
  • Rebar cutter machine
  • All our Cutter machines are designed to satisfy all kinds of working requirements and rapidly cut round bars.
    The internal mechanical parts are designed for durability, are made of heat treated, high quality steel and internal lubrication is guaranteed by continuous oil bath.
    The machine has a modern design, and special gear reduction produces maximum cutting power.
    Each equipment comes with high quality safety devices and electrical components.
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