Good Star Group Metal Garden Shed

Metal Garden Shed

A metal garden shed is typically a simple, single-storey roofed structure.
Metal sheds are a good choice when long-term strength and resistance to fire, rot, or termites is desired.
Apex roof sheds have the apex gable ends and are the most popular and economical type of metal shed design.
Pent roof sheds have a roof with slight slope and is almost flat in shape, the design can ensure water does not sit on top of the shed.

Our metal garden sheds are the best choice for your outdoor storage.
Most commonly, they can be used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop.

High quality material
Our products are made of 0.3mm color plate and 0.6mm zinc steel frame.
Easy in assembly
The metal garden sheds are pre-cut and pre-drilled for fast assembly.
Rust, water and wind resistance
Our sheds are made of steel, they have a strong structure and high resistance of rust, water and wind.
Professional mail order packages
All the products will be packed in mail order packages, make them easy to transport and store.
Strong production capacity
With advanced equipment and skilled workers, our factory has a 5000 sets/month production capacity.

Delivery Lead Time
Within 40 days after deposit received.
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