Gold for Sale

For and on behalf of the local Mining communiy of Bertoua and the Board of Director of Bertoua Local Miners Cooperative I hereby confirm we are capable, ready and willing to deliver 150 to 250 Kilograms of Gold per Monthly on CIF basis.


b) FORM: Gold Bars
c) Purity: 95.85 %
d) Fineness: 22 carats

e) ASSAY: Final assay to be made at and by Buyer's registered Refinery the result of which shall be deemed acceptable by both Buyer and Seller.

f) ORIGIN: Cameroon
g) PACKING: Export Package Mini Vault Boxes/Gold Bars
j) SHIPMENT: CIF By air cargo.


Seller agrees to sell and deliver to the Buyer under the Terms of this Agreement an amount of 150 kg (One Hundred and Fifty Kilograms) as first shipment and second and ongoing shipments of 200 kg ( Two Hundred Kilograms) of monthly shipments for a period of 1 (One) year with possible rolls and extensions up to Five (5) Years subject to prior agreement between the buyer and the seller following the first year.


The price payable by the buyer to the seller for the purchase shall be 15 % decreased price of second Fixing Rate (PM) issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) on the Day- of- the final Assay Report issued by the buyer refinery, The Price is based on a Purity of minimum 98.85 %+ (Ninety Five point Eighty Five Percent Plus), corresponding of minimum 22+ (Twenty Two) Carats plus


Quantity of the first shipment of 150 kg (One Hundred and Fifty Kilograms) and subsequent shipments shall be calculated based on the net weight and 10% decreased price of second Fixing Rate (PM) issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) on the Day- of- the final Assay Report issued by the buyer Refinery.


a) The delivery terms for this Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) shall be on CIF basis to buyers appointed refinery. Name and address of refinery shall be provided with the “Guidelines for Valuable Shipments” document which will be delivered to seller in due course.

b) The Seller is financially responsible and will pay all export duties / costumes and third party storage, insurance, security, transportation and exportation agent costs for each assignment to Buyer’s appointed refinery by Secure Air-Cargo.

c) Buyer or Buyer's Designated Entity will pay all required charges at the refinery along with custom clearance charges and fees, taxes at the destination and secured transport of goods to its designated refinery.


Final payment for the Gold Bars purchased by the buyer shall be made by wire transfer to the Seller’s designated bank account, within latest 3 banking days, excluding Friday, after the buyer’s refinery issues the final Assay Report.

Telephone: +237 6748-549-46
Skype: bertoua.miner
it will be our pleasure to be at you service

We look look forward to working together with you for the mutual benefit & success, with our business relation based on honesty, trust, fairness, integrity and mutual respect.
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