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Floor Panels
  • Floor Panels
  • Our cold storage floor panels are generally preferred in small rooms or in cold rooms where the floor insulation application of the building is not suitable. With its locked and modular structure, the cold air chamber can be easily disassembled and moved to its new location. 6-8-10-12-15-18 and 20 cm thickness of our floor panels; The lower surface is made of polyester painted galvanized sheet, the upper surface is made of 90 mm thick hexagon non-slip (water resistant) polyurethane product. Depending on the needs of the project, it is also produced as polyester painted, chrome or PVC, the top surface of which is galvanized
Wall Panels
  • Wall Panels
  • They do not need any other carrier structure and they are sandwich panels that will keep the cold storage storaged and carry both insulation and the weight of the structure. It has 6-8-10-12-15-18 and 20 cm thick chrome, PVC, galvanized, polyester painted, corrugated or grooved products with locked and unlocked options. All of our panels are in female-male form and the products with lock system ensure that the structures of the panels can be mounted / disassembled without deterioration. This provides the possibility to add or remove panels whenever desired and strengthens the structure of the panels. Our panels are CE certified, 42 kg / m³ polyurethane filled, with prefabricated features
Join in and become part of real estate and hotel m
  • Join in and become part of real estate and hotel m
  • According to personal needs, we offer:
    Luxurious apartments for long and short term rental form the premium category in Budapest.
    Hotels from areas, which tourist prefer in Budapest, working thermal hotels in Hungary
    Developmental projects from popular places of Budapest.
    Places for offices and business in the centre of Budapest.
    Our services particularly for our foreign clients: guaranteed, comprehensive legal security with the help of lawyers and specialists, due diligence service together with the purchase of property and company, formation of company in Hungary. We undertake the rental of real estate with property management services.
    We are looking forward to your honorific interest.

    Alpha-Pannon Estate Agency
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