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nawóz wapniowy granulowany
  • nawóz wapniowy granulowany
  • Oferujemy wapno nawozowe pod każdą uprawę, na wszystkie rodzaje gleb.Nawóz granulowany wysokoprocentowy 90% + magnez + mikroelementy. Skład :
    - wapno w postaci trójtlenku 90% CaCO3
    - tlenek wapnia od 47 do 52 % CaCO3
    - tlenek magnezu od 10 % do 15 %
    - żelazo, miedź, mangan, molibden, cynk, bor.
    Wapno dostępne w opakowaniach typu: BIG BAG 600kg. i worki 50
    kg. w postaci 100 % granulatu lub kaszy we frakcji od 0,1 do 0,4 bez pyłu.
    Posiadamy atesty i certyfikaty na oferowane wapno. Posiadamy również certyfikat dla gospodarstw ekologicznych. Możliwość rozsiewu każdym rozsiewaczem dostępnym na polskim rynku. W sprzedaży posiadamy również wapno granulowane magnezowe i kredę granulowaną. Więcej inf. z działem obsługi klienta.
    Wysoka jakość i konkurencyjne ceny. Przy zamówieniach 12 lub 24 tony atrakcyjne upusty!
    Zapewniamy transport na terenie całego kraju, jak również w Unii Europejskiej. Cena i koszt ustalana jest indywidualnie poprzez kontakt telefoniczny. Nie pobieramy zaliczek!!! Opłata bezpośrednio u przedstawiciela po dostarczeniu towaru. Wiecej informacji na naszej stronie internetowej
    Zapraszamy do współpracy !

    Wir bieten Düngerkalk für jedes Erntegut und für alle Arten von Böden an: 90% granulierter hochwertiger Dünger + Magnesium + Mikroelemente. Zusammensetzung:
    - Kalzium in Form von 90% igem CaCO3-Trioxid
    - Calciumoxid von 47 bis 52% CaCO 3
    - Magnesiumoxid von 10% bis 15%
    - Eisen, Kupfer, Mangan, Molybdän, Zink, Bor.
    Kalk in Paketen erhältlich: BIG BAG 600kg. und 50 Taschen
    kg. in Form von 100% Granulat oder Grütze in der Fraktion von 0,1 bis 0,4 ohne Staub.
    Wir haben Zertifikate und Zertifikate für den angebotenen Kalk. Wir haben auch ein Zertifikat für Biobetriebe. Verbreitungsmöglichkeit mit jedem Streuer auf dem polnischen Markt. Wir verkaufen auch granuliertes Magnesium und granulierte Kreide. Mehr inf. mit dem Kundenservice.
    Hohe Qualität und wettbewerbsfähige Preise. Bei Bestellungen von 12 oder 24 Tonnen attraktive Rabatte!
    Wir bieten Transporte im ganzen Land sowie in der Europäischen Union an. Der Preis und die Kosten werden individuell per Telefon festgelegt. Wir berechnen keine Vorschüsse !!! Gebühr direkt beim Vertreter nach Lieferung der Ware. Weitere Informationen auf unserer Website
    Wir laden Sie zur Zusammenarbeit ein!
  • € 150.00
Conference “Black Sea Grain-2019”
  • Conference “Black Sea Grain-2019”
  • We are glad to announce the start of registration for the XVI International Conference “Black Sea Grain-2019” to be held on April 10-11, 2019 in InterContinental hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine. Take advantage of Early Bird rates till Dec 31, 2018.

    ‘Black Sea Grain’ Conference is a recognized marketplace and a major meeting point for the top agribusiness community. It is a large communication platform, providing 2 days of exclusive agri market insights from leading industry experts, coverage of the global macroeconomic and regional trends, long term forecasts on commodities market, effective networking and face to face contacts with 700+ delegates.

    Located in the heart of the Black Sea region, the conference annually brings together 700+ delegates from more than 400 companies and 50+ countries worldwide, serving to adjust business strategies and promote international trade.

    Conference participants are represented by international producers and crushers of grains and oilseeds, agri holdings, traders, banks and investment funds, shipping, brokerage, insurance, surveying, law and consulting companies etc.

    Among confirmed speakers:

    • Sergey Feofilov, Director General, UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)
    • Dan Basse, President, AgResource (USA)
    • Erik Norland, Executive Director, CME Group (UK)
    • Elizaveta Malyshko, Grain market expert, UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)
    • Paul McAuliffe, President, World Commodity Analysis Corporation (USA)
    • Julia Garkavenko, Oilseed market Expert, UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

    Full list of the Speakers and Conference Agenda are available at the conference website.

    For additional information please contact the Organizer:
    Tel.: +38 044 220 52 42
Moringa Seeds
  • Moringa Seeds
  • We have high quality/well cleaned moringa seeds from Nigeria at an affordable price as per detailed below.

    Price: $12.00 per KG

    Clean rate : 95%

    Moisture content :7%

    Terms of trade : FOB

    Port : Apapa, Lagos - Nigeria

    Minimum order level : 1 metric ton

    Payment procedures :direct credit/ L/C

    If you are intrested in the offer you can contact me via...
    GSM: +2348032156225
    whatsapp: +2348032156225
Animal fats,plant oil, bone meal prodution line
  • Animal fats,plant oil, bone meal prodution line
  • Chinese company " Xinxiang Tianyuan oil equipment Co.Ltd." was established in 2003. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of equipment in China in the such areas as:
    1. In the food industry: the line of equipment for the production of all kinds of the vegetable oil.
    2. In the agriculture: the line of equipment for the production of animal oil and meat-and-bone meal, using the meat and the meat processing waste.
    3. Line of equipment to produce the biodiesel, using kitchen garbage and other wastes.
    4. In the chemical industry: the line of equipment for processing used engine oil and tire oil to produce new engine oil.
    5. All types of the tanks or pressure vessels for chemical plants.
    6. Line of equipment for processing used kaolin to produce biological diesel oil.
    7. Oleic essential oil equipment: equipment for the separation of essential oil from palmitic acid; equipment for the distillation of butyric acid.
    8. Other equipment.
    The implementation of the mentioned projects in many countries is supported by the government`s financial assistance.
    We guarantee high quality of equipment and highly effective after-sales service. We provide a whole range of services, including designing the premises of the plant, designing and manufacturing equipment, as well as installation and adjustment of equipment, etc.
    We also have permission to produce all kind of pressure vessels.
    We have successfully supplied equipment to many countries in the world, such as Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, some african countries, etc.
    Additional information:
    For information in English, please contact:
    QQ (or wechat):315815542
    Tel: +8615810058511 (WhatsApp)
  • We have operated in refined and crude sunflower oil as a authorized many years.This manufactory is the largest manufactures in Philippines,we can provide good quality sunflower oil with compeittive price in 1L,3L,5L and in flexy-tank.We also can provide all documents as your requirements at the loading port.

    Composition in Fatty Acids:
    - OLEICO........... 14–35%
    - ERÚCICO......... 0,5%
    - ESTEARICO...... 2,7–4,0%
    - BEHENICO....... 1,0%
    - ARAQUIDICO..... 1,5%
    - PALMITICO........ 3–10%
    - LINOLÉNICO...... 0,3%
    - MIRISTICO...........0,5%

    - Citric acid 50ppm
    - Fósforo máx.10ppm
    - Loss for heating (%p/p) máx.0,05% IRAM 5510
    - Winter test mín. 24Hs IRAM 5595
    - Red Lovibond (51⁄4”) máx. 1,3
    - Yellow Lovibond (51⁄4”) máx. 15
    - Colour: IRAM 5503
    - Index of peroxides (meq O2/Kg) máx. 1meq IRAM 5551
    - Soap (ppm oleato of sodium) máx. 7ppm IRAM 5599
    - Acidity (% oleic) máx. 0, 07% IRAM 5512
    - Specification index 187, 0–192, 0 IRAM 5516
    - Iodo index 119, 0–138, 0 IRAM 5515
    - Refraction index (25oC) 1, 4719–1, 4740 IRAM 5505
    - Density (25o/4 o) 0, 9139/0, 9190
  • TransferGo
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    How it Works
    It is easy to make a transfer with TransferGo. All you have to do is:

    1. Create a profile

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Soybean Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • AGRARIAN CENTER, a leading Ukrainian Agricultural Company provides supplies of soybean oil originated from Ukraine to the CIS, EU, Near and Far abroad countries.

    Soybean oil – crude, unrefined, extraction, fat, vegetable, natural, liquid.
    It is made from seeds (beans) of soy commodity, the first grade, DSTU: 4534:2006. Without GMO. It is intended for processing in the oil and fat industry.

    The country of origin – Ukraine.

    Without prepackage, bulk in flexi-tanks.

    We offer you a long-term and reliable cooperation!

    For further details, sending presentation and specification, please contact me via convenient option for you: Skype, call, write or visit our office -- Khreshchatyk St., 7/11, Kyiv, Ukraine!

    Olga Todorova
    Global Trade Manager
    Office: +380442788670
    WhatsApp: +380671898070
    Skype: tanya_biz
    Call us just now 24/7!
Tomatoes red round
  • Tomatoes red round
  • AGRARIAN CENTER, a big Ukrainian Agricultural Company provides supplies of tomatoes originated from Ukraine to the countries of CIS, EU, near abroad and far reaches of the world.

    Tomatoes red round are delicious, juicy, solid, high-quality, well-transportable over long distances, meet the requirements of EU processing standards.

    Tomatoes may be delivered on or without branch.
    Colour: from green, pink to bright red (depending on the time of ripening in transit).
    Tomatoes grow in greenhouses and open ground.
    Varieties: "Asvon", "Perfektpil" "Fantastina", "Boderin", "Ehida", "Bolena".

    Packaging: corrugated (cardboard) box 6-10kg, veneer (wooden) box 10-14 kg. On pallets.
    Also, we provide packing tomatoes in durable plastic trays of 4-6 pieces.
    Terms of delivery: FCA, FOB.

    We offer you a long-term and reliable cooperation!

    For further details, sending presentation and specification, please contact me via convenient option for you: Skype, call, write or visit our office -- Khreshchatyk St., 7/11, Kyiv, Ukraine!

    Mr. Marcus De Moura
    Global Trade Manager
    Office: +380 44 278 86 70
    Mob.: +380 68 273 237 4
    Viber: 380 97 674 06 70

    Call us just now 24/7!
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