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Exhibition stands construction in Russia
  • Exhibition stands construction in Russia
  • Gem Expo - international exhibition and event company located in Russia

    We believe that each project is a new opportunity for cooperation, development and promotion for our Clients. We strive to help our Clients improve their business by help of instruments in:

    • Expo (from Design to Stand)
    • Event (From Idea to Event)
    • Digital, Promo, Production

    All the Exhibition, advertising, Expo and Event projects, which are based on a strong team of professionals, ambitious goals, modern technologies, where our satisfied Clients are our main motivation.

    We will be glad to become your strategic Partner for Expo and Event projects in Russia and Worldwide. With regards, GEM Expo team
Architectural glass liquid film construction tools
  • Architectural glass liquid film construction tools

  • Liquid films is a new type of thermal insulation material, it has many advantages such as thermal insulation, increased glass strength, anti-glare and anti-ultraviolet. It is mainly used for thermal insulation and UV protection of architectural glass curtain walls, automobiles, trains, airplanes, and special equipment. It is also used to isolate far infrared or electromagnetic waves in computer rooms and radar shielding areas.

    The traditional liquid film construction adopts the processes of shower coating spray coating, roller coating, etc., and until uses the brush coating method to effectively reduce the waste of materials, but the surface uniformity is insufficient.
    Here comes the melamine sponge coating film strips, which solves the problem of architectural glass liquid film construction.

    Lfsponge window insulation coating is an excellent heat insulation film coating tools to support the liquid coating on the glass, the unique micro-fiber is exquisite and soft and uniform and that will reduce the loss of coating liquid, high efficiency and enhance results.

    Life nano Sponge applicator is made of compressed melamine foam for high quality density 16kg/m3, avoide ordinary nano sponge fissile, easy wear and drop dregs problem. This window insulation coating tools kit is designed to maximize the surface area in contact with the liquid coating material, enable it to slide across coatings surfaces easily while maintaining laythe material flat. You can start with the right tools for smoother, more satisfying results.
    High density: Stronger, powerful coating.
    Flexibility: Wear-resistant, less dregs.

    Lfsponge liquid coating apply tools is easier and more effective to coat windows like the pros do, saves you time, money and a lot of hassle.
    We hope you to try this melamine sponge coating applicator at once, the results may surprise you.
    More details at
  • "“Mirage of Penglai is in such world,flowery spring of the sea resides in Yuhuan"".Yuhuan Better Machinery Co., located in Yuhuan which is a garden city in the shore of East China Sea.We have moved in a new factory since year 2012,which is more than 10000 square meters.Since the establishment in1990,we adhere to the management concept of ""The enterprise is improved by absorption and the achievement is derived from quality,""and always dedicate ourselves to develop the enterprise of stampings,Linear drain,Floor drain and sheetmetal.Now,we have integrated the products design,development and production.In order to improve the quality and reduce the production cost,we have built a professional elite team of mould developing,and introduced advanced machines and equipments.

    ""Nothing is best,only better"".Better people are sincerely willing to cooperate with new and old customers.Let's hand in hand,and create the bright future together."
Recycled products made from waste tires
  • Recycled products made from waste tires
  • ♻️We are manufacturing so many products made from recycled tyres included recycled rubber crumbs/granules, recycled rubber tiles/mats for playground/gym/fitness, reclaimed rubber with European quality and competitive price.

    ♻️Long Long Rubber Recycling Co., Ltd was established since July 2007 with 2 ultra-modern factories in Vinh Phuc and Soc Son-Vietnam. At the first factory, we invested all advanced equipment from European to solve and handle waste/old truck tyres to rubber crumbs/granules which will be input material for 2nd factory to produce reclaimed rubber.

    ♻️Our mission not only produced the highest quality products but also committed to the environment change.

  • € 11.00
Precision Casting Building Hardware by JYG Casting
  • Precision Casting Building Hardware by JYG Casting
  • Shandong Jingyanggang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shandong JYG Precision Casting) has been specialized in precision investment casting for over ten years. So we have a production line for shell mold casting. We can make any products the customers design. The maximum weight we can cast is 100kg while the maximum size is 100cmx20cmx350cm. The surface finish ranges from Ra3.2-6.2. Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, heat-resistant steel, and alloy steel are among our main materials. Our product range is versatile, covering auto parts, machinery parts, marine hardware, construction hardware, pump & valve components design it; we make it! We have a strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place and an experienced, highly skilled technical team that are committed to innovation and upgrade to our casting operation for many years. Besides we have a well-equipped in-house laboratory to monitor the production from materials to finished products.
Precision cold forged and Machined Parts
  • Precision cold forged and Machined Parts
  • Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd. supplies a wide variety of precision, high quality cold forged and machined parts to the automotive industry. Using the latest in forging technology, we currently have the capacity to produce more than ten million cold forged parts per year.
    To provide additional value to our customers, we also have the capability to provide finished, machined parts, or semi-machined parts, after the cold forging process.

    Our production capacity :-
    General industrial applications forging and cold-forming metal parts
    Seamless Pipe series products and polygon cutting machining process
    Various thread forming and rolling machining
    Automobile and Motorcycle cold forging parts
    Headed rivet, plug bolt and pin for casters
    Shafts & special-headed metal parts
    Custom made cold forged fasteners
    Cold forging loud-Speaker parts
    Forged and Turned metal parts
    Forged Fitting Adapters
    Roller and collar pipe
    Engineering component
    Power Tools parts

    Please note that with effect from 10th October 2018, our Malaysia branch - MILLION INTERWORK SDN. BHD. at Sungai Petani, Kedah. will be closed. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Taiwan Head Office - SHINING JINS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

    Thank you for your continuous support to our Firm.

    Marketing Department
    No.107, Lane 530, Sec. 1, Guoji Road, Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan.
    Tel: +886-3-361 0638 Fax: +886-3-367 7527

    Loud-speaker,pole piece,t-yoke,u-yoke,cone,grille,voice coil,spider,dust cap,basket,surround,diaphragm,tags,magnet,frame,
    woofer,washer,pole plate,speaker metal parts,bottom,casters rivet,Pins,Washer,Screws,Nuts,Bolts,Castors,
    Rivet,forging,forged,CNC,gear,forge,tube,Pipe Nipple,spacer,rivet,washer,Screws,Bolt,axle,pin,forming,tapping,speaker,yoke,flange,Shafts,bits,t-yoke,pot,bush,Fastener,boss,rod,Camshaft Bushing, Plunger Barrel
    Sprocket axle,bushes,nut,Furniture fittings,Shoulder Screw,Suspension Bushings,screw fittings,Bushings and Sleeves
Investment opportunities and Business Expansion
  • Investment opportunities and Business Expansion

  • We represent a group of Investors willing to invest in an existing or newly created company,We are looking for great investment projects and opportunities to fund,We ready to invest up to 300 million euros to invest for any investment
    projects or Business Expansion,we looking for investment opportunities.extra income with 100% guarantee. We have one of the best services that guarantee high-profit returns within a short time frame. Kindly contact email for more details .via our email ; or whats app ; +33758122399
  • € 50.00
Xinchang Junnuo Tools Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Xinchang Junnuo Tools Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Xinchang Junnuo Tools Technology Co.,Ltd. has been committed to be an excellent CNC machine manufacturer, and become the industry leader in the market .
    The independent development of products with independent intellectual property (existing national patent 16, three provincial new product), far beyond the performance of some products abroad, the Department of Shaoxing Xinchang promising high-tech enterprises and industrial seedling enterprise, won 2010 Xinchang SMEs across award.

    Contact Details
    Xinchang Junnuo Tools Technology Co.,Ltd

    Add:No.285 Lijiang Road Xinchang City Zhejiang Pronvince, China
    Free Hot Line: 400 0000 928
    International Sales:+86(0)575 86168815
    Domestic Sales: +86(0)575 86168816
    Fax: +86(575)86169555
  • € 1,200.00
Zhejiang Wanxin Weishen Textile Technology Co., Lt
  • Zhejiang Wanxin Weishen Textile Technology Co., Lt
  • At the beginning of 2017, the company welcomed the opportunity of development again and invested in the establishment of Zhejiang Weisheng Industrial Co., Ltd. in Puyuan. The new company covers an area of 43 Mu and has a construction area of nearly 90,000 square meters. It has six imported woolen production lines from Italy, with a total investment of over 200 million yuan.

    Zhejiang Wanxin Weishen Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

    Add:No. 222 Tongfeng Road, Textile Industry Zone, Tudian Town, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province
    Tel: +86-0573-88860611 / +86-18868361307
    Fax: +86-0573-88860611
  • € 1,200.00
  • ORBetter® Specifications
    Maintains its constant resistance for its entire life of the system once in it is set
    Performs in all types of earth conditions even during spelling
    Does not require periodical maintenance treatments or placement
    Does not require the constant existence of water to keep its conductivity
    Can be set completely within 3 days, then fully heals within 28 days
    Does not dissolve, de-compose, or breach into the earth
    Non-corrosive, non-harmful, no leakage
    Reduces any possible stealing due to conductors are too heavy to remove out
    Easy to carry 1kg., 5kg. and 25 kg. bags or buckets
    Only one person can install
  • € 18.00
  • Ref. Dimensions (mm) Material Weight (kg)
    AT- 000H 10x10x1500 Stainless steel 1,50

    AT-037H 16x16x1000 Stainless steel 1,86

    AT-038H 20x20x1500 Stainless steel 3,75

    AT-080H 16x16x2000 Stainless steel 3,21

    AT-099H 16x16x1000 Stainless steel 1,69

    AT-100H 16x16x1500 Stainless steel 2,36

    Ref. Dimensions (mm) Material Weight (kg)
    AT-168A 18x18x1000 Aluminium 0,26

    AT-169A 18x18x1500 Aluminium 0,36

    AT-171A 18x18x2000 Aluminium 0,47

    AT-172A 18x18x2500 Aluminium 0,57

    AT-173A 18x18x3000 Aluminium 0,68

    AT-174A 18x18x1000 Stainless steel 0,76

    AT-175A 18x18x1500 Stainless steel 1,08

    AT-176A 18x18x2000 Stainless steel 1,40

    AT-177A 18x18x2500 Stainless steel 1,72

    AT-178A 18x18x3000 Stainless steel 2,04

    AT-179A 18x18x1000 Galvanized steel 0,77

    AT-180A 18x18x1500 Galvanized steel 1,10

    AT-181A 18x18x2000 Galvanized steel 1,42

    AT-182A 18x18x2500 Galvanized steel 1,75

    AT-183A 18x18x3000 Galvanized steel 2,07

    Ref. Dimensions (mm) Material Weight (kg)
    AT-016H 16x16x2400 Steel / copper 3,00

    AT-017H 19x19x1800 Steel / copper 3,27

    AT-018H 19x19x2400 Steel / copper 4,35

    AT-019H 19x19x3000 Steel / copper 5,56

    AT-026H 16x14,30x2400 Steel / copper 3,00

    AT-027H 19x17,30x1800 Steel / copper 3,27

    AT-028H 17,30x17,30x2400 Steel / copper 4,54

    AT-029H 17,30x17,30x3000 Steel / copper 5,57

    AT-041H 16x16x2000 Steel / copper 2,50

    AT-042H 19x19x2000 Steel / copper 3,66

    AT-043H 14,30x14,30x3000 Steel / copper 3,74

    AT-053H 16x14,30x1800 Steel / copper 2,28

    AT-069H 16x14,30x1200 Steel / copper 1,50

    AT-071H 14,30x14,30x1500 Steel / copper 1,89

    AT-072H 14,30x14,30x2000 Steel / copper 2,53

    AT-076H 16x16x1200 Steel / copper 1,50

    AT-077H 16x16x1500 Steel / copper 1,89

    AT-078H 16x16x1800 Steel / copper 2,28

    AT-079H 19x17,30x1200 Steel / copper 2,15

    AT-081H 19x17,30x1500 Steel / copper 2,75

    AT-082H 19x17,30x2000 Steel / copper 3,62

    AT-086H 19x19x1200 Steel / copper 2,15

    AT-087H 19x19x1500 Steel / copper 2,75

    AT-098H 16x16x3000 Steel / copper 3,77

  • € 20.00
  • VIRTU Electromechanical Lightning Strike Counter is designed for takes all conducted lightning strikes under record. Likewise lightning terminals and grounding systems, lightning strike counters should alse be durable to extreme currents. VIRTU Lightning Strike Counter works with the arrested strikes own current and doesn't need any external battery. Counting digits can be modified as to client's preferences from 3 to 7 number digits. Light and being accordance with IP65 level durability makes VIRTU a perfect instrument to complete a lightning protection system.

    ►High voltage impulse durability
    ►Doesn't require external battery
    ►High quality Polycarbonate components
    ►Testable with ORBITAL Testers
    ►Fully compatible with the standards
  • € 35.00
ZERU ESE Lightning Terminal
  • ZERU ESE Lightning Terminal
  • ►High voltage impulse emitter
    ►Completely autonomous
    ►High quality stainless steel components
    ►Electroatmospheric capacitor-inside
    ►Testable with ORBITAL Testers
    ►Fully compatible with the standards
  • € 95.00
COMET ESE ACTIVE Lightning Terminal
  • COMET ESE ACTIVE Lightning Terminal
  • ►High voltage impulse emitter
    ►Completely autonomous
    ►High quality stainless steel components
    ►Electroatmospheric capacitor-inside
    ►Testable with ORBITAL Testers
    ►Fully compatible with the standards
  • € 75.00
TOBEE® AHF Horizontal Froth Pumps
  • TOBEE® AHF Horizontal Froth Pumps
  • TOBEE® AHF Horizontal Froth Pumps are heavy duty horizontal pumps designed to handle difficult tenacious froth.
    Email: | Mob: +86-18031340097 | Fax: +86 311-87221317 | Skype:+8618031340097
    Web: | |
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