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expanded clay block
  • expanded clay block
  • Ceramsite concrete blocks "ThermoComfort" - this is a fundamentally new wall thermal insulation material, which can be used in both load-bearing and enclosing structures. Claydite concrete block "ThermoComfort" is a slot-type block with the use of a groove-comb system, which allows to refuse the use of cement-sand mortar on vertical seams.
new kind of green building material
  • new kind of green building material
  • We wish to introduce our company the XINGHE BUILDING MATERIALS CO. LTD. , based in Chengdu, China to your esteemed company for your consideration
    Our products are environment friendly project, resource regeneration, low production cost, sufficient raw material, sustainable development.

    Their load bearing capacity is 23 times that of cement, brick, concrete and other products in construction.

    The features of our products are:

    1. “7 no” in modern building: no rebar, no cement, no brick, no girder, no column, no stone and no component.
    2.“7 proof” in high-technology housing: quakeproof, fireproof, waterproof, freeze-proof, crack prevention, mothproof and anti-aging.

    The price is € 300 per square meter (installation, custom and transportation costs need to be discussed)
    We are also interested in joint factory venture with prospective foreign investors.

    We look forward towards suggestions on how to promote our materials and possible cooperation with other companies or clients
    Alfred Yang
    International Business Manager
    Mobile :0086 18868399804/17828034867
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