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MPA 2-methyl-3-butyn-2-amin 2978-58-7
  • MPA 2-methyl-3-butyn-2-amin 2978-58-7
  • MPA, nickel plating brightening agent.

    1) Product Features:
    Strong leveling, uniform coating is essential choice of brightener.
    2)Quality Standards: Q/LZ 29-2008
    Appearance: Colorless to yellowish liquid
    Assay: min 90% (GC)
    Solubility: Well soluble in water
    Density: 0.821-0.823
    3) Application
    Concentration in the bath: 1-10mg/L
    Consumption: 1.5g/KAH
    USAGE: BRIGHTENER, STRONG LEVELING AGENT IN NICKEL BATH. MPA, used as nickel electroplating chemicals, nickel electroplating intermediates, nickel electroplating additives; nickel plating chemicals, nickel plating intermediates, nickel plating additives,nickel electroplating brighteners,nickel plating brighteners.
    MPA;1,1-dimethyl-2-propynylamin;1,1-Dimethyl-2-propynylamine;1,1-dimethylpropynylamine;2-methyl-3-butyn-2-amin;2-methyl-3-Butyn-2-amine;30-d-11;TIMTEC-BB SBB000001;1,1-DIMETHYL-PROP-2-YNYLAMINE

    CAS NO.: 2978-58-7
    EINECS:  221-029-7 
Artificial Christmas tree
  • Artificial Christmas tree
  • Our company, SC.AROMA PRODCOM SRL, offers a wide range of pine trees
    Artificial, with heights between 0.80cm and 15m, both inside-max
    3.5m and outside, 3.70m = 15m, garlands of different sizes and
    Patterns, coronet,

        Taking into account experience, staff qualification and results
    Previous projects, we believe that collaboration, can only be
    Beneficial for you as well as for us.
        In the hope of collaboration, we look forward to your response
Aidite Multilayer®3D dental zirconia blocks
  • Aidite Multilayer®3D dental zirconia blocks
  • Aidite Multilayer®3D dental zirconia blocks——anterior teeth full ceramic zirconia restoration mateiral
    price:150$-200$ (vary according to specifications)
    Different hardness & Different translucency & Different color restoration material
    3D multilayer realizes natural gradient of color,translucency and strength in a real sense,achieving another revolution of dental material and revolutionizing dentistry once again!

    【3D Gradient】

    Color gradient
    6 layers of natural color transition,matching color gradient of natural tooth from cervical to incisal.

    Translucency gradient
    From 57% translucency in incisal to 43% in cervical,it shows gradient decrease,achieving life-like transparency of natural tooth enamel while in the mean time low transparency in cervical have effective opaque!

    Strength gradient
    Strength shows gradient from 600Mpa to 900Mpa,achieving low strength in occlusion and causing no harm to opposing dentin.High strength in base part realize long bridge restoration!

    coping bridge
    full contour crown
    full contour crown bridge

    The applicative systems
    ZirKon Zahn System
    Standard System
    Sirona System
    Amann Girrbach System
    Kavo System
    Lava System
    Cercon System
    Custom made
    Mechanical property

    Sintered Density ≥ 6.0 g/cm³
    Bending Strength ≥ 900Mpa
    Fracture toughness 5Mpam½
    Hardness (Hv 10) 1250
    Certification:KFDA-South Korea

    Aidite,best teeth for you!
We are a distributor of polyisobutylene PIB
  • We are a distributor of polyisobutylene PIB
  • We specialise in the following high molecular weight polyisobutylene: P-80, P-85, P-100, P-118, P-155, P-220, P-225 and also P-50.

    Efficient responsive deliveries of PIBs that is high in quality and competitively priced is a key factor of our business. We truly believe that product longevity and robustness depends upon the quality of the raw material used. Therefore, we are confident that the quality of our polymers will meet your highest standard for raw material, and our attempt to be a reliable supplier would be to your satisfaction.

    Our products are used in many sectors because of their characteristics and properties, and this is reflected in the type of customer portfolios currently in our possession. Our customers come from a widely diverse economic sectors such as automotive, construction, footwear, pharmaceutical, and FMCG. This showcases the crucial role special polymers play in the daily life of society. Therefore it is not a surprise that the demand for PIBs worldwide has increased year on year, which would make this period an ideal time for us to increase our customer base and target well established companies.
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