We do offer to kind of services:
Memebership Plan:
Features/Plan Free Basic Featured
Plan live for (days) ∞  365
Add listing / limit - yes /3  yes/100
Listing limit common/featured 0/0 3/0 90/10
View contact details - yes yes
Contact Seller (contact form) yes yes yes
View pictures yes yes yes
Featured account - - yes
Price (Euro)*  0 30* 300*

We do strongly recommend to Verify your Company, and use the "life long" listings for your common / regular business offer. It will not require any additional payments or requrring. Once verified Membership gives access to almost all our services.

Listing Packages:
Features / Package Start  Lifelong Golden Featured Upgrade to featured
Number of listings  1 1 20 20 (10/10) per listing
Listings live for (days) 365 365 365 180
Limit use of package
Number of pictures 10 10 10 10 10
Price (Euro)*  0* 15* 30* 50* 7* 

*NOTE: Our services and prices can be updated, so please check the available service via your account.

Additionaly the user can change the Account Type, which will give some extra features prepared for Companies, Estate Agencies and Marketing Agencies:
-generate individual page
-export/ import listing

Services are fees-free, however we must know your expectation to customize our service, and we have to verify your Company.
For more information and additional service please contact us.

Payments Deatails:
1. PayPal 
2. Bank Transfer: Danske Bank
Receiver: B2B Direct ApS ; DK-5270 Odense N, TAX no: DK-37878839
IBAN nr:    DK1030003409674259
Currency:    EURO
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