Safety tips for b2b-connect´s Users

Safety tips for buyers

After a few years experience and feedbacks from our Members we have noticed some issues with suspect “too god to be truth” offerings, and we want to share our tips about safety using of our website and similar marketplace portals. It is not a technical or legal advice and we are not responsible for loss caused by your dependence on this article.
Safety and usability are our top priority, and we practice some tools to verify companies offering their business on our site, but unfortunately it does not guarantee your safety on internet.
The following tips will help you stay safe when trading through internet:
•    Try to deal with people locally within EU, and if it is possible visit the business, or send a letter to the official company address.
•    Always research the Company on governments website, opinions, and always compare the email contact information address, phone number via available phonebook, Social media, email address and domain DOES NOT guarantee the authenticity of the advertiser.
•    Check thoroughly goods that are much cheaper than normal.
•    Do not handle emotionally and be careful if the seller presses you to make quick decision. 
•    Do not pay in advance for undelivered goods, non-received sample of goods or other
•    Never pay for goods through Western Union or other similar money transfer services.
•    If you decide to pay via PayPal make sure you select that you are paying for.

Safety tips for advertisers is an business website designed solely to connect the Businesses. We are offering information channel, and advertisers are responsible for their offerings and negotiations. 
Below are some guidelines that may help when selling goods through classified ads.

•    Choose strong password
•    Be careful what you post
•    Check the person who is contacting you.
•    Always check the senders email address and its IP – not the identifications name - i.e.(depends on device) try to navigate mouse on the senders name, press reply and check the receiver, or check your email provider/client. 
•    B2B-connects contact form are available for all registered and not verified users, so please check the contact information as well – by suspicious enquiries, please contact us
•    Never trust an unknown person who is offering to put you in touch with interested buyers for an advance fee.
•    Use secured internet connection and practice secure browsers, 
•    Turn on your private settings, and always update your antivirus program
•    Keep your personal information limited
•    Use your common sense by trading or contacting on internet.


How to avoid scams

-    Keep your email address hidden (not publish your email) use "additional email" instead
-    Check always the company who is contacting you (email, IP, domain registrators websites, Company information and profile)
-    Use b2b-connects messenger at first steps
-    Be careful with the “too god to be truth” business offerings
-    Don´t let you press  
-    Do not pay in advance, if you are not sure that the company is genuine, and trustworthy.
-    Check the person, who is contacting you -  businesses profile, qualifications and their products
-    Use the common senses by sharing any kind of sensible information like bank accounts, your private contact details, business secrets, and all what never should be published.
-    Report listing or contact us about suspicious users behavior.
-    In doubt, please contact us.
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