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Pure Refined Edible Oil Corn Oil for Cooking
  • Pure Refined Edible Oil Corn Oil for Cooking
  • Quick Details

    Processing Type:

    Refined Type:
    Hydrogenated Oil


    Plastic Bottle

    Purity (%):

    Volume (L):


    Food GRADE

    Place of Origin:

    Brand Name:
    Refined Corn Oil

    Model Number:
    Corn Oil014


    Cultivation Type:

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details
    1 L / 3 L / 5 L / 10 L / 25 L / 1000 L PET Bottles

    Delivery Time
    5 DAYS

    Corn oil is regarded highly for its functionality, exceptional flavor, economy, and health benefits. It is a concentrated source of energy, very digestible, provides essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, and is a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps to regulate blood cholesterol levels and lower elevated blood pressure.

    1) Appearance: clear and transparent
    2) Free from foreign and rancid odors and tastes
    3) Color: Y30, R2.2( according to customers' requirement to produce)

    Physical-chemical indexes:
    1) Moisture and volatile matter: 0.1% (max.)
    2) Foreign matter: 0.05% (max.)
    3) Acid value: 0.3mg (KOH/g) (max.)
    4) Peroxide value: 10MEQ/kg (max.)
    5) Cold test: clear and transparent (frozen for 5.5 hours at 0 degree C)
    6) Un-saphonificated matter: Un-saphonificated matter
    7) Smoking point: 220 degree C (min.)
Pneumatic Tank Bottom Angle Valve,Y TYPE FLUSH
  • Pneumatic Tank Bottom Angle Valve,Y TYPE FLUSH
  • FREE-Valve’s Pneumatic Tank Bottom Angle Valves are designed for the convenient and fast discharging the material or samples from the bottom of the reactor,drain or feed vessel .The valve can be welded or installed on the vessel through the flange at the bottom of the valve , tank bottom angle valves are most commonly installed on feeding of vessels or dead space free draining and pipelines.
    1.This Range of manual control tank bottom angle valve is manufactured in integrated structure.
    2. Structures with disc opening into the tank and disc opening into the valve.
    3. Available with 45°,50°,90° degree outlet angle in the body.
    4. A rotation-resistant device is set up to ensure that the valve stem only has straight line motions and no rotation.
    5.The protection plate makes for the outstanding erosion resistance and corrosion resistance of the valve body.
    6.The sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve disc is made of over laying cemented carbide or painted with tungsten carbide. The auxiliary line sealing guarantee the reliability of the sealing performance.
    7.Easy to realize the remote control or the local control with solenoid valve.
    Technical Parameters
    Flange connection ASME B16.5,GB/T9113
    Design standard ASME B16.34
    Pressure Range Class150~Class300
    Size Range DN50~DN 350, NPS2 ~NPS14
    Material carbon steel, stainless steel
    Connection type Flange
    Working Temperature ≤425℃
    Operating Type Pneumatic, manual, electric
    Sealing surface material Alloy
    Pressure test GB/T13927, API598
    FREE-Valve’s Pneumatic Tank Bottom Angle Valves are widely used in the petrochemical industry,alumina industry,steel industry,polymer,mining industry,the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals, and mineral processing industries.
Do You Need Bank Instrument To Fund Your Projects?
  • Do You Need Bank Instrument To Fund Your Projects?
  • We are Providers of all types of BG and SBLC with the best workable procedures. Our BG/SBLC ranges from MT799, MT760,(Both two way confirmation), MT103/23, MT103 (Both can be one way confirmation and two way confirmation) in USD and EUROS. Issuing Bank ranges from Top world 25 banks with face value ranging from 1M EUROS/USD to 5B EUROS/USD

    Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and cases to our attention and in complete confidence we will work together for the benefits of all parties involve

    For further details contact us with the below information Thank you.

    Contact Person: Mr. Kyle Pickford
    Skype ID: live:greenfinanceplc
Fresh Cut Financial Instrument For Lease(BG/SBLC
  • Fresh Cut Financial Instrument For Lease(BG/SBLC
  • Dear Sir/Ma,

    We are direct provider for BG/SBLC specifically for lease, at leasing price of (3.0 + 0.5 + X)% of face value, Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA.

    Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, loan financing by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with issuing bank lease providers, this Instrument can be monetized on your behalf for 100% funding : For further details contact us with the below information.

    Contact : Nagesh S Belur
    Skype ID: bnsrlease.mandate

    Intermediaries / Consultants / Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together
We are looking for an exclusive partner !!
  • We are looking for an exclusive partner !!
  • Red Pharma Laboratories CEE Sp. z o.o. & West Europe Sp. z o.o. are Polish companies created by Red Pharma Laboratories Polska S.A. to expand into the markets of Central and Western Europe.
    Altogether, with Red Pharma Health Care Sp. z o.o., we are known as Red Pharma Group.
    Our core product line is called DERMO. These products support the treatment of civilization diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and skin regeneration after steroid, antibiotic or radiation therapy.
    Dermo is comprised of 12 unique products for both adults and babies. As of 2017, we have also introduced our new product line - Food Supplements.
    All of our products are manufactured with ISO 9001& GMP, because our core value is to offer exceptional quality to our clients. As a result of the high standards, that the firm represents, we are a well trusted and accepted brand in every market, that we operate in.
    The sales strategy, that we have built in Poland, relies on active promotion of our portfolio by paying visits to doctors and pharmacies by our Sales Team.
    We recommend the same business model to our potential business partners who consider becoming Exclusive Distributors for the Red Pharma Group.
    You could become our potential Exclusive Distributor, if:
    1. You operate in one of the countries from the list below;
    2. You already have your own sales team with a minimum of 4 – 6 Sales Representatives and your team uses the promotional model: doctors and pharmacies;
    3. You are thinking of extending your portfolio by implementing reasonably priced high-quality products
    4. You would like to have outstanding sales results and you are looking for a long-term business partnership with such a company as Red Pharma Group

    We will be glad if you decide to contact us for more details on the possibilities of our cooperation.
    Countries in which we are looking for Exclusive Distributors
    Austria Greece Italy
    Belgium Spain Czech Republic
    Bulgaria Holand Romania
    Croatia Portugal Slovenia
    Contact person:
    Cosmin Bujenita – mobile +40 721 401 417
Light therapy device for anti-aging facial rejuven
  • Light therapy device for anti-aging facial rejuven
  • Three Colors In One Treatment Head For Anti Aging Wrinkle Relief Collagen Proliferation

    This Medical CE marked PDT Device, with Model: 7000A, enable you to perform various treatment with the specific wavelength. To address needs that are specific to each skin type and condition

    By using the cell-specific wavelength during treatment, the photons can access targeted photoreceptors, inducing a therapeutic photo response that improves blemishes, pigmentation, redness and wrinkles.

    Outstanding performance PDT device
    Kernel Photodynamic Therapy Model KN-7000A
    Trichromatic SMD-LED light source
    Dose/Time work mode

    Intended use:

    Applicable for inflammatory acne, eliminating inflammation, promoting wound healing Applicable places: Suitable for hospital dermatology, medical beauty department

    Technical parameter
    Work Voltage AC 220V­10%, 50Hz­2% or AC 110V­10%, 60Hz­2%
    Rated Power 500VA
    Working environment TEMP. 5~40¬C
    Relative Moisture:≤95%
    Atmospheric pressure:700hPa~1060hPa
    Types of light LED: gene bioluminescence Output wavelength

    red laser 635nm­10nm;
    Blue-ray 415nm­10nm;
    yellow:590nm­10nm; IR 850mm­10nm;
    Green 535nm­10nm
    Safety Classification I class
    Working mode Continuously Working
    Display mode 8” color touching screen
    Irradiation mode Continues irradiation、pulse irradiation
    Pulse frequency Ⅰ:2Hz;Ⅱ:5Hz;Ⅲ:10Hz
    Irradiation area 850cm+/- ­10%
    Working distance 6cm­1cm
    Quantity of LED 1100 pcs
    Timer function Equiped with timer, the error of timing doesn’t exceed ­2% of set value;

    with the function of manual stopping exposure output
    Time setting range: 0min~99min

    Feature of LED photodynamic therapy

    1-Suitbale for acne treatment, eliminating inflammation and promoting skin wound healing;

    2-High power SMD LED light source in matrix array, high density, make higher intensityof irradiation, more uniform light spots; 3-Based on aerodynamic system design, combined with super thermal conductive material to ensure safe、 reliable and stable use in harsh environment;

    3-ingle color light source((Red light、Blue light、Yellow light; )、two colors light source((Red+Blue, Red+Yellow, Red+Infrared, Yellow+Green, Yellow+Infrared)、three colors light source (Red+Blue+Yellow )integrated in one treatment head.

    4-which with several wavelengths available for selection without the change of treatment head, meet the needs of clinical diversification programs;

    5-Design with free stretching cantilever arm, give full consideration to ergonomic requirements, easy operation, to the maximum extent possible to meet a variety of clinical treatment environment needs;

    Available color schemes:

    1. Blue Light at 417 NM, improves the appearance of acne thanks to its purifying and antibacterial properties;

    2. Green Light at 535 manometers: reduces melanin and pigment production thanks to its photo-lightening effects;

    3. Yellow Light at 590 manometers: used for its healing, purifying and detoxifying properties;

    4. Red Light at 633 manometers: increases collagen production by up to five times, triggering the skin’s repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblasts and cell growth.
Metal Products manufacturing & Powder Coating
  • Metal Products manufacturing & Powder Coating
  • We manufacture Products made of various types of metal like Seel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Corten for the furniture industry, Interior design companies. Our product range includes: Furniture frames, bases, metal furniture and accessories and other bespoke products.
    All products can be powder coated to any desired colour or texture.
Refined Sunflower Edible Oil
  • Refined Sunflower Edible Oil
  • Sunflower Oil is the best Cooking Oil in the market at an amazing price

    Sunflower oil refined, deodorized, chilled, cold pressed.

    Packaging: 1L and 5L PET bottles.
    In cardboard boxes, each box contains 15 bottles (1 L).

    We offer you a long-term and reliable cooperation!

    Product Description
    HS Code: 12151900
    Production Capacity: 1500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons Per Month
    Specific Gravity at 20c 0.916-0.923
    Refractive Index at 20c 1472-1474
    Lodine Value 120-143
    Free Fatty Acid 0.1% Max. As Oleic Acid
    Peroxide Value 1 Max. (meg/kg)
    Color Max. 2 Red (on 5 Lovibond cell)
    Moisture 0.1% Max
    Clear and Bright
    Odor and Flavor Odorless and Bland

    Contact us on
Wood Briquettes and pallet
  • Wood Briquettes and pallet
  • technical specifications of wood briquettes:
    calorific value: ~ 18 mj/kg
    humidity: < 10 %
    1 ruf briquette size: 15x9x6 cm
    transparent no name bags.
    standard packaging  10 kg bags (12 briquettes).
    1 pallet - 96 bags (960 kg).
    bags with buyers inlays can be ordered.
    minimum order 22 tons (1 truckload).
    production capacity  24 000 tons of ruf briquettes yearly.
CRUDE HIGH OLEIC Sunflower Oil in flexitanks
  • CRUDE HIGH OLEIC Sunflower Oil in flexitanks
  • Quick Details
    Sunflower Oil
    Product Type:
    Nut & Seed Oil
    Processing Type:
    Refined Type:
    Hydrogenated Oil
    Cultivation Type:
    Bulk, Can (Tinned), Glass Bottle
    Purity (%):
    Volume (L):
    Place of Origin:
    Shandong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name:
    Model Number:
    Best Temperature to keep:
    below 25C
    Iodine Value:
    134.13 (wijs-hanus method)
    Volatile Matter:
    Max.0.07 %
    Feeding Energy:
    900 KCal
    < 0.02 mg/lt
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details
    According to customer's requiement
    Delivery Time
    Shipped in 3 days after payment
Supply 8 ball metal petanque set garden ball sport
  • Supply 8 ball metal petanque set garden ball sport
  • We Tianci Ball Manufactory Co.,ltd in China is the leading seller of metal petanque boules set.
    Our main ball size is 73mm in diameter, 720g each ball, 3 -6-8 ball per set with nylon case or wooden case or aluminum case.
    Also can make 32mm mini ball for kids; also can make 50mm, 90mm -110mm different size according to your request.
    And can make custom pattern;
    Can make your logo on the ball or nylon case.
    Good quality and very best price. Any want to buy metal boules set , petanque ball welcome to contact us.
Special designed EDC belly band gun holster NEW
  • Special designed EDC belly band gun holster NEW

    - BE QUICK AS A WYATT EARP. This is the only belly band holster all around here where you don´t need any retention strap. However You can do a handstand and guns won't fall out. You´ll find it helpful when you don´t want to make a noise with opening the velcro or fight in nervousness with metal clip. Because, when it comes to life, every second decides whether you will survive or not.
    - Our elastic belly band holster is constructed of the incredibly comfortable yet extremely durable neoprene. It comes in black and it makes carrying different guns an easy task.It fits an array of guns such as the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, the Colt 1911, the Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 42, 43, the SIG Sauer P228, P238, the Ruger LCP and other comparably sized handguns.
    - Both men and women alike can make use of this concealed gun holster. Doesn't matter if you draw by right hand or left hand and is sized so that one size fits all (any waist size up to 47 inches). It can be worn with just about anything; suit and tie, jeans and T-shirt, gym shorts, and even a bathing suit! It means YOU DON´T NEED TO REDUCE YOUR CHOICE OF WARDROBE
    - To make our Advanced belly belt holster even more useful for you, we have created special storage space. It allows you carrying 2 guns, next you will have 6 pouches for magazines, flashlight, telescopic rod,knife, keys, mp3 player etc., 2 pouches for smartphones, handcuffs, passport or something bigger and 1 zipper pouch for money and credit cards. This THE BEST VALUE FOR CONCEALED (EVERY DAY) CARRY AVAILABLE

    Your search for the best belly band holster is finally over. When
    you purchase from us today, here's just some of the things
    you can look forward to:

    First things first, this one is good for your skin and won’t cause excessive itchiness as the
    band material is made of neoprene. YOU WILL FEEL VERY COMFORTABLE.

    Thanks to a SPECIALLY DESIGNED HOLSTERS you can very quickly draw a guns
    and use them.

    The versatility of ways in which to wear this holster also makes it a great idea, as different

    CARRY NOTHING BUT THE ESSENTIALS: If you don't want to wear a bulky fanny pack just
    to carry your keys, phone and a piece of ID when you are running or exercising,
    this belly band holster is exactly what you are looking for.

  • Just arrived, Authentic products, New stock!!!!!2018 Expiry Dates, Can long serve your stock and clients....

    We offer only authentic and original products like BOTOX, MYOBLOC, XEOMIN, JUVEDERM, DYSPORT, RADIESSE, PERLANE, DYSPORT, SURGIDERM, SCULPTRA, STYLAGE, AZZALURE, BOCOUTURE, RESTYLANE, REYONGEL, AURALYA, MALEDERM, ELEVES, HASTYLE, DERMAFIL etc. Used to improve the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults.

    Fast and secure Delivery. Shipping within 24 hours!

    Place your order now
  • € 50.00
  • Diameter 6 -8mm
    Density 1100kg/m3
    Moisture content 6%
    Ash content 0,48%
    Sulfur content 0.01
    Caloric value 4342- 5016 Kcal/kg
    Packing 950-1000 kg (1MT) bags or 15 kg bags ,BigBags
    Delivery Time :5-7 days

    CIF Price : 120€ / Ton
    Min. Order :56 Metric Tons
Security solution
  • Security solution
  • AVESTECH is the European leader in security field offering world-class security solutions. We enable an intelligent, safer world. We develop sophisticated products delivering high value to customers through an international partner network. We place a great emphasis upon the environment protection as well as our reputation for probity and high standards.

    We are an innovative company that guarantees excellent product quality from Switzerland. Our team consists of dedicated and highly professional employees, engineers and researchers developing premium quality total solutions that fit customer strategic and operational requirements. We think ahead and prepare our customers for what comes next.
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