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Raymond roller grinding mill
  • Raymond roller grinding mill
  • Raymond Roller mill, also called Raymond grinding mill. It is suitable for producing powder in mineral, chemical, building and other industries.

    Raymond Roller Mill is suitable for grinding of all kinds of materials whose Moh’s hardness is below 9.3, such as calcium carbonate, barite, dolomite, calcite, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, marble, gypsum, quartz, feldspar, clay, talc, fluorite, clay, white mud, mica, refractory material, glass, total about 1000 kinds of materials.

    Internal structure and Working Principle of Raymond Roller Mill:

    The standard configuration of Raymond Mill consists of main unit, reducer, powder classifier, cyclone powder collector, dust cleaner, blower, control cabinet motor and pipes. The optional accessories include crusher, bucket elevator, feeder.

    Big materials are crushed by jaw crusher to the required particle sizes, and carried by bucket elevator to the storage hopper, and are fed evenly and continuously by vibrating feeder into the main unit for grinding. The grinded powder are carried by the airflow from the blower to the classifier to be classified, the particles which meet the fineness enter cyclone collector through pipe, and are separated and collected there. They are discharged at the discharging valve to become finished products; The airflow is sucked to the blower by return pipe on the top of cyclone collector. The whole airflow system is a sealed circulation, and is circulated under positive and negative air pressure.

    Benefit of Raymond Roller mill
    1.Ertical structure, so it has small footprint, strong system.
    2.Compared with other mills, Raymond Mill has high passing rate - 99%.
    3.Adjustable particle size:80-325mesh
    4.The main drive device of Raymond mill adopts airtight gear box and belt pulley, the transmission is stable and the operation is reliable.
    5.Important components are made of high quality castings and profiles, ensuring the durability of the whole equipment.
    6.The centralized control is used in the electric system, the mill can basically realize unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient.

    Hotline:008613512155195 (wechat available)
    Online consulting:
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  • Cookwares
  • Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 732391)
    We would like to offer: cookwares. Made from cast aluminum and carbon steel. All of interior with non-stick coating while exterior using heat-resistant silicone coating. Available in various type & size: fry pan, sauce pan, dutch oven, wok, grill pan, stewpot (with or without glass lid). Each item packed in carton box. Produced under ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Product of Indonesia. Cookwares or kitchenwares from aluminum or stainless steel material available too. For any interested parties, pls kindly contact for further details. Thank you. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).
camlock fittings
  • camlock fittings
  • Here is Emma from DF Blast in China, we are producing the products of Camlock fittings as following(also known as cam and groove couplings) and quick couplers to suit your specific needs. our industrial hose fittings raise the bar for exceptional quality and competitive prices. Regardless of the application, whether air, fluid or gas transfer, our cam lock fittings and couplings are versatile and easy to use.

    Any request, please do not hesitate to email to me, we will offer the competitive price for you then.
    Waiting for your ealry reply.

    Emma Shi
    Tel: 0086-21-37890602
    Fax: 0086-21-37890603
    Skype: DFBLAST
Brown sugar powder
  • Brown sugar powder
  • Still today, Okinawa’s brown sugar is produced in the traditional way of boiling down sugar cane sap. Characterized by its taste and flavor, it is becoming more and more popular as a natural food. Compared to regular sugar, Okinawan brown sugar is rich in calcium, iron and potassium, and therefore highly regarded as a health ingredient both in Japan and overseas. In Okinawa it is consumed to ward off fatigue, and is also quite popular as a sweet or as a snack with tea.
nawóz wapniowy granulowany
  • nawóz wapniowy granulowany
  • Oferujemy wapno nawozowe pod każdą uprawę, na wszystkie rodzaje gleb.Nawóz granulowany wysokoprocentowy 90% + magnez + mikroelementy. Skład :
    - wapno w postaci trójtlenku 90% CaCO3
    - tlenek wapnia od 47 do 52 % CaCO3
    - tlenek magnezu od 10 % do 15 %
    - żelazo, miedź, mangan, molibden, cynk, bor.
    Wapno dostępne w opakowaniach typu: BIG BAG 600kg. i worki 50
    kg. w postaci 100 % granulatu lub kaszy we frakcji od 0,1 do 0,4 bez pyłu.
    Posiadamy atesty i certyfikaty na oferowane wapno. Posiadamy również certyfikat dla gospodarstw ekologicznych. Możliwość rozsiewu każdym rozsiewaczem dostępnym na polskim rynku. W sprzedaży posiadamy również wapno granulowane magnezowe i kredę granulowaną. Więcej inf. z działem obsługi klienta.
    Wysoka jakość i konkurencyjne ceny. Przy zamówieniach 12 lub 24 tony atrakcyjne upusty!
    Zapewniamy transport na terenie całego kraju, jak również w Unii Europejskiej. Cena i koszt ustalana jest indywidualnie poprzez kontakt telefoniczny. Nie pobieramy zaliczek!!! Opłata bezpośrednio u przedstawiciela po dostarczeniu towaru. Wiecej informacji na naszej stronie internetowej
    Zapraszamy do współpracy !

    Wir bieten Düngerkalk für jedes Erntegut und für alle Arten von Böden an: 90% granulierter hochwertiger Dünger + Magnesium + Mikroelemente. Zusammensetzung:
    - Kalzium in Form von 90% igem CaCO3-Trioxid
    - Calciumoxid von 47 bis 52% CaCO 3
    - Magnesiumoxid von 10% bis 15%
    - Eisen, Kupfer, Mangan, Molybdän, Zink, Bor.
    Kalk in Paketen erhältlich: BIG BAG 600kg. und 50 Taschen
    kg. in Form von 100% Granulat oder Grütze in der Fraktion von 0,1 bis 0,4 ohne Staub.
    Wir haben Zertifikate und Zertifikate für den angebotenen Kalk. Wir haben auch ein Zertifikat für Biobetriebe. Verbreitungsmöglichkeit mit jedem Streuer auf dem polnischen Markt. Wir verkaufen auch granuliertes Magnesium und granulierte Kreide. Mehr inf. mit dem Kundenservice.
    Hohe Qualität und wettbewerbsfähige Preise. Bei Bestellungen von 12 oder 24 Tonnen attraktive Rabatte!
    Wir bieten Transporte im ganzen Land sowie in der Europäischen Union an. Der Preis und die Kosten werden individuell per Telefon festgelegt. Wir berechnen keine Vorschüsse !!! Gebühr direkt beim Vertreter nach Lieferung der Ware. Weitere Informationen auf unserer Website
    Wir laden Sie zur Zusammenarbeit ein!
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Fucoidan Extract Powder in bulk
  • Fucoidan Extract Powder in bulk
  • A Japanese researcher has found that a polysaccharide known as Fucoidan found in brown seaweeds such as konbu, wakame, mozuku and hijiki, causes various types of established cancer cell lines to self-distruct. It is said that among various seaweeds, Mozuku includes much more fucoidan than the others. But fucoidan can be obtained by only 1% even from mozuku raw materials. It is noteworthy to know that Okinawans’ seaweed consumption rate is the highest and the cancer death rate is the lowest in other Japanese prefectures.
    Fucoidan content: more than 85%
    NUTRIENTS per 100g
    : Energy: 307kcal/ potassium: 571.8mg/ protein: 2.4g/

    calcium: 470.1mg/ Fat: 0.2g/ magnesium: 502.4mg/ carbohydrate: 73.9g/ iron: 3.4mg/ sodium: 3600.8mg/ zinc: 1.8mg/

    Mozuku Extract → mixing → Sterilization at more than 80 c → spray drying → Inspection(CCP1) → Packaging
Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate
  • Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate
  • Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate is a hair product ingredient known as bond builders which help to protect hair while that hair is being treated with bleach. Bleach can whiten hair but also damages hair at a molecular level, leaving it more susceptible to tangling and more fragile, causing strands of hair to break more easily when brushed. Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate help to restore damaged hair by repairing disulfide bonds broken during the bleaching process.

    Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate is a new type of a personal care or cosmetic ingredient, it has a protective,nourishing and restructuring action for the treatment of hair. The formulation containing bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate can be used for hair coloring, hair bleaching, hair straightening, hair conditioning and hair permanet waving. Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate is free of silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, oils. Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate can be made into a spray, a conditioner, a shampoo, a cream, lotion, gel, or polish. 

    Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate is good for damaged, bleached and coloured hair. Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate help colourists to go lighter and brighter without the fear of breakage and damage to hair, keep hair healthy, If your hair has been damaged from heat or previous colouring, formulations containing bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate is the answer to your healthy hair needs.Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate gives colourists confidence, the insurance and the ability to colour or lighten hair at any level without the risk of breakage.
    Hair that is damaged due to a hair coloring treatment or other reducing treatment can be treated with the formulation containing bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. Use of finished hair care products containing bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate during a permanent wave treatment prevents the reversion of the hair to its previous state.

    Some have mistaken Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate for a lightening agent like bleach, but Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate does not lighten hair. Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate is not a hair dye, although using Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate in your hair service will save your hair from chemical damage. Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate rebuilds disulfide bonds in the hair. This means that getting the colour you secretly desire is now possible without breakage. 
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Fresh/Frozen, Fish/Halal Chicken available.
  • Fresh/Frozen, Fish/Halal Chicken available.
  • We are reputable seafood/Poultry/Halal chicken wholesaler in Sweden and worldwide from Norway: we sell and export to Asia, Middle East countries, USA, Australia and worldwide. Do you require any other product that you could not find in our product range? Feel free to ask and we will try to source it for you.

    Dried Sea Horse
    Frozen Herring Fish
    Frozen Mackerel Fish Whole Round
    Frozen Pollock (Theragra Chalcogramma)
    Frozen Skipjack Tuna Fish
    Frozen Tilapia Fish Fillet
Oxidized Bitumen
  • Oxidized Bitumen
  • ear Sir/Madam,
    ZISTA GROUP established in 2005 is a group of companies with based in China, Hong Kong, Iran, UAE and it has been supplier of raw materials for a decade.
    In 2012 Zista Group have set up its own factory in Iran to make oxidized bitumen and have been serving different markets including India, Kenya and Taiwan ever since.
    At our production facility we can make any grade of Oxidized bitumen including the below grades which are most common:
    Oxidized Bitumen Grades Available Packaging
    115/15 Silicon Layers Kraft Paper Bags
    Silicon Layers Kraft Cartons
    Meltable Polyamid Bags
    Bitumen Blocks/Crushed Lumps


    Additional information are found at our website:
    Zista Group is also proud to announce its capability in logistics for managing shipments all over the world on CFR, DAP and DDP basis to give the most comfortable terms to our buyers.
    We shall await receiving your genuine inquiry in order to advance to a long term mutual business,

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further discussions,


    Alireza Rahmani

    Zista Group
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  • The property is 10,685.97 m2. It is located outside of the settlement of
    OIAS, with a distance of 1.500 meters from the settlement and 500 meters
    from the settlement Tholou – Omia and 200 meters away from the beach.
    8 independent buildings 1.560sq.m.
    parking area, a major pool of 400sq.m. with Jacuzzi and a smaller pool
    Donating premises: This property could either become a luxury
    hotel complex or 18 independent habitats. (12 Maisonettes79sq.m. each /
    4 Apartments 117sq.m. each and 2 Apartments 98sq.m. each.)

    The price as such status : 3 500 000 € ( negotiable price ) + Cost work of
    completion = approximately 6 000 000 €
New/Used Outboard Motor engine,Trailers,Minn Kota,
  • New/Used Outboard Motor engine,Trailers,Minn Kota,
  • We offer best services and distributors of boat engines,all our outboard Engine are Used and brand new original,working perfect in good conditions.we carry 2-4 strokes outboard engines from 20HP to 350HP of different brands such as Johnson,Evinrude,Yamaha,Honda,Suzuki,Tohatsu outboards and many more . Warranty is the best.this is transferable, non-declining warranty is the same on the last day as it is on the first .

    Contact us through the following Email below:
    Skype ID: saleoutboard1
    Calls : +1-732-853-8000
    WhatsApp: + 1-863-300-3370


    Yamaha Outboard Motors VF225 LA 225 HP 2017
    Yamaha Outboard Motors VF200 LA 200 HP 2017
    Yamaha Outboard Motors LF200 XCA 200 HP 2017
    Yamaha Outboard Motors F250 OUCA 250 HP 2017
    Yamaha Outboard Motors F300 OUCA 300 HP 2017
    Yamaha Outboard Motors LF300 OUCA 300 HP 2017
    Yamaha Outboard Motors F300 XCA 300 HP 2017
    Yamaha Outboard Motors VF250 XA 250 HP 2017
    Yamaha Outboard Motors LF250 OUCA 250 HP 2017

    Suzuki DF150TL 150 Horsepower 2017
    Suzuki DF175TX 175 Horsepower 2017
    Suzuki DF200ATL 200 Horsepower 2017
    Suzuki DF250TXW 250 Horsepower 2017
    Suzuki DF300APXXW 300 Horsepower 2017

    Mercury Outboard Motors 1300V23LP 300 XL Verado Pearl Fusion White 2017
    Mercury Outboard Motors 1F904631D 90 EXLPT Command Thrust Fourstroke 2017

    2016 Yamaha F40LA Outboard Motor (Four Stroke)
    2016 Yamaha F150TLRD Outboard Motor (Four Stroke)
    2016 Yamaha F75LA Outboard Motor (Four Stroke Midrange)
    2016 Yamaha F150LA Outboard Motor (Four Stroke In-Line)
    2016 Yamaha VF150LA Outboard Motor (Four Stroke V Max SHO)
    2016 Yamaha LF200XA Outboard Motor (Four Stroke V6 3.3L )

    2016 Honda BF25D3SHG Outboard Motor (Four Stroke)
    2016 Honda BF150A2LA Outboard Motor (Four Stroke)
    2016 Honda BF90D2LRTA Four Stroke
    2016 Honda BF250ALA Four Stroke
    2016 Honda BF225AK3LA Four Stroke

    New 2015 Yamaha F300 XCA 300 HP
    New 2015 Yamaha F90 LA 90 HP Four Stroke Midrange
    New 2015 Yamaha F90 JA 90 HP Four Stroke Jet Drive
    New 2015 Yamaha VF150LA Four Stroke V MAX SHO 150HP
    New 2015 Yamaha VF200 LA 200 HP Four Stroke V Max
    New 2015 Yamaha VF225 LA 225 HP Four Stroke V Max SHO
    New 2015 Yamaha LF350 UCB 350 Horsepower V8 30" Shaft

    New 2014 Yamaha F300 XCA 300 HP $8,500USD
    New 2014 Yamaha LF300XCA Outboard Motor $8,500USD
    New 2014 Yamaha F300UCA Outboard Motor $8,500USD
    New 2014 Yamaha LF300UCA Outboard Motor $8,500USD
    New 2014 Yamaha 250hp at 5500 rpm 4-Stroke Single Outboard $7,500USD
    New 2014 Yamaha F250 UCA 250 HP Four Stroke V6 2014 $7,500USD
    New 2014 Yamaha Outboards F 150HP la 4Stroke $5,500USD
    New 2014 Yamaha Outboards Vf 225HP Sho Engine 4Stroke $6,500USD

    Yamaha F100DETL 100hp Outboard Engine === 10,000$
    Yamaha F80BETL 80hp Outboard Engine === 8,000$
    Yamaha F70AETL 70hp Outboard Engine === 7,200$
    Yamaha F60CETL 60hp Outboard Engine === 6,330$
    Yamaha High Thrust FT60DETL 60hp Outboard Engine === 6,900$
    Yamaha High Thrust FT50GETL 50hp Outboard Engine === 5,425$
    Yamaha F40FEDL 40hp Outboard Engine === 3,000$
    Yamaha F30BETL 30hp Outboard Engine === 2,900$
    Yamaha High Thrust FT25FETL 25hp Outboard Engine === 2,000$
    Yamaha F20BEPL 20hp Outboard Engine === 1,800$

    Yamaha LF225XCA Outboard Motor ---$14, 338.00
    Yamaha LF250UCA Outboard Motor ---$16, 274.00
    Yamaha F300UCA Outboard Motor ----$17, 492.00
    Yamaha LF350XCB Outboard Motor ---$19, 988.00
    Yamaha VZ175TLR Outboard Motor ---$8, 740.00
    Yamaha LF200XA Outboard Motor --$14, 276.00
    Yamaha LF150XA Outboard Motor ---$10, 318.00
    Yamaha F115JA Outboard Motor ---$8, 152.00
    Yamaha F90JA Outboard Motor ---$6, 912.00
    Yamaha F75LA Outboard Motor ---$5, 820.00
    Yamaha F115XA Outboard Motor Four Stroke In-Line -- $4,000usd
    Yamaha F150JA Outboard Motor Four Stroke Jet Drive -- $6,600usd
    Yamaha F150LA Outboard Motor Four Stroke In-Line --- $5,950usd
    Yamaha F150TLR Outboard Motor Four Stroke In-Line --- $7,150usd
    Yamaha F150TXR Outboard Motor Four Stroke In-Line --- $5,899usd
    Yamaha F150XA Outboard Motor Four Stroke In-Line --- $4,999usd
    Yamaha F200XA Outboard Motor Four Stroke High Power --- $9,300usd
    Yamaha F225TLR Outboard Motor Four Stroke Sport --- $9,300usd

    Yamaha vmax SHO 250HP Outboard Motor $4,000 usd
    Yamaha VMAX SHO VF 200 HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor $3,400 usd
    Yamaha F20LEHA 20HP 4-Stroke Outboards Motor $2,000usd
    Yamaha F25D 4 stroke outboard engine with tiller handle 25hp $2,500 usd
    Yamaha 90HP Four 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Engine $3,800usd
    Yamaha 60 HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Engine $3,500 usd
    Yamaha 30 HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Engine $2,000 usd
    Yamaha 40 HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Engine $2,800 usd
    Yamaha 75 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Engine $4,000 usd
    Yamaha 115hp, F115LA 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 20? Shaft -Electric Start – Remote Steering $4,500 usd
    Yamaha 350hp, F350XCA 5.3L V8 Four Stroke, 25? Shaft -Electric Start – Remote Steering $5,200 usd

    2015 Mercury FourStroke 150 hp
    2015 Mercury FourStroke 75 - 115 hp
    2015 Mercury FourStroke 40 - 60 hp
    2015 Mercury OptiMax® 3.0L
    2015 Mercury OptiMax® Pro XS™

    New 2014 Mercury 250HP ProXS Optimax 2-stroke CPO Engine and Engine Accessories 4Stroke $6,500USD
    New 2014 2014 MERCURY 300HP VERADO $10,000USD
    2014 Mercury 300HP XL VERADO 4S Engine and Engine Accessories 4Stroke $8,000USD
    2014 Mercury 300CXL VERADO Engine and Engine Accessories 4Stroke $10,000USD.

    Mercury 115ELPT-EFI Outboard Motor Four Stroke -- $3,200usd
    Mercury 9.9EXLHPT BF-ProKicker Outboard Motor ---$2,201usd
    Mercury 15ELHPT-ProKicker Outboard Motor ---$2,401usd
    Mercury 20ELHPT Outboard Motor ----$2,610usd
    Mercury 25ELPT-JET Outboard Motor ---$2,709usd
    Mercury 30ELHPT-EFI Outboard Motor ---$2,106usd
    Mercury 40ELPT-Jet Outboard Motor ---$2,875usd
    Mercury 50ELPT-Bigfoot Outboard Motor ---$3,241usd
    Mercury 60EXLPT-Bigfoot Outboard Motor ---$4,006usd
    Mercury 75ELPT-EFI Outboard Motor ---$4,899usd
    Mercury JET80ELPT-OptiMax Outboard Motor ---$5,700usd
    Mercury 90EXLPT-EFI Outboard Motor ---$5,174usd
    Mercury JET110ELPT-OptiMax Outboard Motor ---$6,625usd
    Mercury 115ELPT-OptiMax-ProXS Outboard Motor ---$6,635usd
    Mercury 125EXLPT-OptiMax Outboard Motor ---$6,255usd
    Mercury 150CXL-Verado Outboard Motor ---$8,053usd
    Mercury 200CXL-Verado Outboard Motor ---$10,784usd
    Mercury 225CXL-Verado Outboard Motor ---$13,197usd
    Mercury 250CXXL-Verado Outboard Motor ---$13,370usd

    Mercury 20 HP 4 Stroke Outboard Engine $2,000 usd
    Mercury 25 HP Four Stroke Outboard Engine $2,500usd
    Mercury 30 HP Four Stroke Outboard Engine $2,600 usd
    Mercury 9.9HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor $3,000 usd
    Mercury 60HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor $3,300 usd
    Mercury 90HP Four Stroke Outboard Motor $3,300 usd
    Mercury Four Stroke 100 HP EFI Outboard Engine $3,500usd
    2012 Mercury Pro FourStroke 250 – 300 HP Outboard Motor $4,000 usd
    2012 Mercury OptiMax 250HP Sport XS $4,000 usd
    Mercury 125 HP OptiMax $3,400 usd
    Mercury 150 HP OptiMax $3,000 usd
    Mercury 350 HP Verado 4 Stroke Outboard $4,100 usd

    New 2015 Suzuki DF 90 ATL Four Cycle DOHC 16-Valve
    New 2015 Suzuki DF 115 ATL DOHC, 16 valve, 4 cylinder
    New 2015 Suzuki DF 9.9 THX 9.9hp, 4-Stroke, 2-Cylinder

    New 2014 Suzuki Marine DF 225HP Outboards Motors 4Stroke $6,000USD
    New 2014 Suzuki 250HP APX Engine and Engine Accessories 4Stroke $6,000USD
    New 2014 Suzuki DF300HP TXXZ Engine and Engine Accessories 4Stroke $8,500USD.

    Suzuki DF25RL Outboard Motor
    Price: $1, 545.99
    Suzuki DF20AEL Outboard Motor
    Price: $1, 100.57
    Suzuki DF15AES Outboard Motor
    Price: $2, 601.75
    Suzuki DF9.9THX1 Outboard Motor
    Price: $1, 757.99
    Suzuki DF6S Outboard Motor
    Price: $1, 000.
    Suzuki DF4S Outboard Motor
    Price: $800

    2013 Suzuki 175 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor
    2013 Suzuki 150 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor
    Suzuki 9.9HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor $2,800 usd
    Suzuki 90HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor $3,600 usd
    Suzuki 60HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor $3,000 usd
    Suzuki 100HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor $4,000 usd
    Suzuki 115HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor $4,500 usd
    Suzuki 140HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor $5,000 usd
    Suzuki 200HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor $5,100 usd
    Suzuki 225HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor $5,300 usd

    New 2015 Honda BFP 60 A1XRT 60 HP Four Stroke
    New 2015 Honda BF 90 D2XRT 90 HP Four Stroke
    New 2015 Honda BF 115 D1XCA 115 HP Four Stroke
    New 2015 Honda BF 150 A2XCA 150 HP Four Stroke

    Honda BF50D2XRT Outboard Motor ---$4, 630.48
    Honda BF250AXXCA Outboard Motor ---$15, 727.94
    Honda BF225K2XXC Outboard Motor ---$14, 926.95
    Honda BF200K2XCA Outboard Motor ---$13, 564.14
    Honda BF150A2XCA Outboard Motor ---$10, 783.51
    Honda BF135A2XCA Outboard Motor ---$9, 499.50
    Honda BF115D1XCA Outboard Motor --$7, 891.02
    Honda BF90D2XRT Outboard Motor ---$6, 696.94
    Honda BF75D2LRTA Outboard Motor -- $6, 055.40
    Honda BFP60A1XRT Outboard Motor -- $5,523.25
    Honda BF115DLA Outboard Motor Four Stroke -- $4000usd

    Honda 25 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $2,100 usd
    Honda 30 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $2,400 usd
    Honda 40 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $3,000 usd
    Honda 50 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $3,300 usd
    Honda 60 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $3,500 usd
    Honda 75 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $3,800 usd
    Honda 105 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $5,000 usd
    Honda 150 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $5,500 usd
    Honda 225 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $6,000 usd
    Honda 135 HP 4-Stroke outboard Motor $6,500 usd

    Evinrude E-TEC 150 HP H.O. Outboard Motor -- $4,100usd
    Evinrude E-TEC 175 HP Outboard Motor -- $4,200usd
    Evinrude E-TEC 200 HP H.O. Outboard Motor --- $6,900usd

    2012 Tohatsu 90 hp TLDI 2-Stroke Outboards $4,200
    2012 Tohatsu 115 hp TLDI 2-Stroke Outboard $7,000
    2012 Tohatsu 30 hp EFI 4-Stroke Outboard $2,800
    Tohatsu MD115A2EPTOUL Outboard Motor
    Price: $6, 254.08
    Tohatsu MD75C2EPTOL Outboard Motor
    Price: $6, 072.08
    Tohatsu MD50B2EPTOL Outboard Motor
    Price: $4, 102.08
    Tohatsu MD35B2JETEPOL Outboard Motor
    Price: $4, 890.08

    Trailers and launch trollies:
    Indepsension Coaster Swing Micro Trailer
    Indespension Coaster Micro Trailer
    Indespension Coaster Trailer
    Indespension Roller Coaster 1.3HE Trailer
    Indespension Roller Coaster 3.5 Trailer
    Indespension Super Roller Coaster 5.5 Trailer
    Indespension Super Roller Coaster 10 Trailer

    Garmin GPSMAP 4008 colour chartplotter
    Garmin GPSMAP 4010 colour chartplotter
    Garmin GPSMAP 5012 colour chartplotter with GPS17HVS

    Humminbird 409780-1 ONIX Series 10ci NT Freshwater Mapping w/Side
    Brand New Sealed Humminbird ONIX10ci SI NT Combo
    Humminbird ONIX10ci SI NT Combo
    Humminbird ONIX10ci NT SI Combo 409780-1
    Humminbird ONIX10ci SI NT Combo - Non-Touch Unit Hum-409780-1
    HUMMINBIRD 409780-1 ONIX10ci NT SI Combo
    Humminbird ONIX10ci SI Combo 10.4 HD Fishfinder /Chartplotter Combo
    Humminbird 1199 ci HD si GPS

    MINN-KOTA 1358840 / Minn Kota Terrova 112/US2 Freshwater Trolling Motor w/i-Pilot Link & Foot Pedal - 36V-112lbs-60"
    Minn Kota Terrova Bow Mount Motor
    MINN-KOTA Minn Kota PowerDrive 70/US2 Trolling Motor w/i-Pilot & Bluetooth - 24V-70lb-60" / 1358761 /
    Minn Kota Ultrex 80 US 45" Shaft Link 80 lbs Thrust 24V Trolling Motor with i-Pilot Link & Bluetooth
    Minn Kota Riptide 70 SP Saltwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with i-Pilot and No Foot Pedal (70-lb Thrust, 54" Shaft)
    Minn Kota Terrova a 80 US2 45" Shaft Length 80 lbs Thrust 24V Trolling Motor with i-Pilot Link & Bluetooth

    If you wish for any model of brand not included above, then send us your enquiry and order quote and we get in touch with you soonest.

    Contact us through the following Email below:
    Calls : +1-732-853-8000
    WhatsApp: + 1-863-300-3370
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BEST QUALITY Double A A4 copy paper for sale
  • BEST QUALITY Double A A4 copy paper for sale
  • Hello Sir/Madam
    We will like to say thank you for visiting our company profile .
    We are direct manufacturer and trading company known for the supply of best quality A4 copy .
    Our company is"ISO certified" .we operate with 100% return policy and delivery is 100% assured

    Our company has achieved a remarkable position in this competitive industry by endlessly making the delivery of customer suggested and best quality products in the market. Our assurance to deliver products on time has helped us in garnering huge support of the clients based all across the country.Reason behind the success of our company:

    Large distribution network
    Huge product line
    Market leading prices
    Dexterous professionals
    State-of-the-art infrastructure
    Quality tested products
    Prompt deliveries.


    Substance: 70g, 75g, 80g / m2
    Sheet Size: 210mm x 297mm, International Size A4
    Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
    Brightness: 102%-104%(class A)
    Capability: High Speed Copying 100ppm, Laser
    Capable, Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.
    Thickness: 103-110 um
    Surface roughness TS ml/min: 75-175
    Surface roughness BS ml/min: 100-200
    Bending stiffness MD: >110 Mn
    Bending stiffness CD: >50 Mn
    CIE whiteness: 167
    Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33


    No jam in photocopy machine
    No double feed
    Stay flat after copying
    Leave no dust in the copy-machine
    Nice appearance -white and clean
    Nice tough-smooth and bulky
    No see through-print both
    Been developed for: photocopy Machines,Laser Printers,Ink-jet
    Printers,Fax Machines

    Features and Benefits:
    1. Smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying.
    2. Two-sided usage gives the paper sheet high opacity.
    3. Bright Appearance gives high print contrast to the printing.
    4. Sharp cutting edges prolongs performance of copying machine.
    5. Anti-curl quality reduces paper jams in the copier.
    6. Low dust content minimizes copier running cost.
    7. 500 sheets guarantee in Each Pack

    Competitive Advantages
    Well and High Quality Control ,
    Prompt Delivery ,
    New Product ,
    Customer's Design and Logo are Welcome ,
    Competitive Prices ,
    Earth-friendly Products ,
    Small Order Acceptable ,
    OEM Accepted

    500 Sheets per Ream
    5 Reams per Box
    1560 Boxes per container(With Pallet)
    1600 Boxes Per container( Without Pallet)
    7800 Reams Total in one 20FCL( With Pallet
premium quality cosmetics products, at very afford
  • premium quality cosmetics products, at very afford
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    Macrolane VRF 20 (10ml)
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    Numbing Creams & Rollers
    Premium Quality, Sterile & Non-Sterile Surgical Instruments

    We sincerely look forward to the opportunity of cooperating with you based on the common interest.
    Inquire for more details and price list if interested...
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