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shareusmile Best Sellers Dog Toothbrushes
  • shareusmile Best Sellers Dog Toothbrushes
  • Share Nano Oral Care for Pets brings those same cleaning methods to our companion animals. Dental hygiene is vital to a pet’s overall health. “If you keep your pets’ teeth clean, you’ll extend their lives by three to five years,” says Kate Knutson, DVM, codirector of Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington, MN.
    According to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease by age 3. That’s 4 out of every 5 dogs! Daily oral care can be a chore, daily toothbrush are cumbersome and often times simply aren’t effective. Oral rinses are tough to give and those “treats” that claim to clean your dog’s teeth end up all over the furniture. There hasn’t been an easy to use, daily oral care product that is easy to administer and effective… until now.

    Pet Tooth Brush–Teeth Cleaning kit
    shareusmile magic teeth brush sponge strips use physical working principle
    shareusmile magic teeth brush sponge strips use physical working principle

    Our advanced Pet Tooth Brush-Teeth Cleaning Kit, easily removes the stubborn tartar buildup that daily toothpaste can not move, eliminates bad dog breath and avoids the possibility of dental disease in the future. It is an innovative teeth cleaning product developed with nano technology. Each nano particle in the interior nano capillart tube is much smaller than ten thousandth of a hair strand, and work fast to absorb the stains from surface of teeth. It’s most effective against stubborn stains and plaque from pet’s teeth.

    Our Pet Tooth Brush-Teeth Cleanng Kit, is a auxiliary teeth cleaning tool, that is proved to be the innovative teeth cleaning product and home use common item. Effectively erase tartar buildup, freshens bad breath, boosts Immunity.

    Our difference
    1、Nano Technology:Nano tube technology, easily abosorb tooth stains.
    2、Instantly Restore White:Environmental antibacterial,fast remove tooth stains.
    3、No Hurt Enamel: Chemicals-free, Just add clear water to erase dog tooth stains.


    The product is made of PP stick and white melamine sponge. The work part is white melamine sponge.

    Add clear water to erase dog tooth stains, restore white instantly.
    Gradually abosorb tooth stains,the more erasing, the more white.

    1. Wet the white sponge strip.
    2. Scour in the same direction.
    3. Needs 10~60 seconds, depending on how serious your pets’ teeth condition are.
    4. Refill the new nano sponge strip frequently.
    5. For serious gloomy teeth, we recommend you for frequently using. 1-2 minute each time.

    Hygiene suggestion:
    Using gloves before touching your pets’ mouth.

    1. Suffering tooth/ gum bleeding.
    2. Suffering toothache at that moment.
    3. Young joey.

    Easy and effective
    Easily removing the stubborn stains and whitening the teeth. No matter how small teeth your pets’ tooth is, the sponge’s size is just fit the surface of teeth. Wipe off the food residual thoroughly; clean off the remaining on the teeth surface perfectly.

    Quick, healthy and safe
    Need water only, clean and whiten pets’ teeth in one minute.

    No need suffering the painful treatment.
    No any kind of chemical material.

    Compared with other teeth cleaning method:
    Ultrasonic Wave–Cleaning: Talfway, hurt enamel, cross infection
    Bleaching Agent: Side effect, lower security, period for long
    Whitening Toothpaste – whitening: Few result, low effectiveness.
    Whitening Teeth Powder- whitening by brush: Slow effect, easy to hurt enamel
Electronic Dog Barking Collar Training No Bark
  • Electronic Dog Barking Collar Training No Bark
  • 1. Small and fine meniscus shape.
    2. Easy and convenient to test the functionality and sensitivity by blowing.
    3. 7 levels of sensitivity adjustment by “+” and “-“ buttons, to be suitable for different dogs and environment.
    4. There are two training modes: beeping sound and static shock.
    5. Automatically enter non-working status for 1 minute after 7 times of continuate training.
    6. 7 level of progressive training intensity to effectively discipline a variety of dogs, including those unruly ones.
    7. Adjustable leather leash from 6” to 30” to suit for different dogs: small, medium and large (not for huge)
    8. Simple and cost-effective.
Ultrasound scanner
  • Ultrasound scanner
  • Specifications
    Portable RFID veterinary ultrasound machines Combined LF/UHF rfid metal tag for animal

    Sonovet ID vet/animal ultrasound scanner,for pigs,poultry,poultry foot,sheep,cats,dogs,cattle

    Main features of RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Sonovet ID
    1.6" color LCD
    High-resolution PVC mirror ensures batter performance for waterproof and dustproof
    Level 7 waterproof professional design
    RFID technology built-in probe with an effective short distance of 8-13 cm
    The panel and probe are designed with double freezing keys to provide customers with more convenient
    It is designed strictly according to the international standard software of animal eat tag system to freely input and output the data
    Large-capacity IF card can be built in with multiple language instructions
    Software can be customized by clients’s need.
    Exclusive Features of RFID vet ultrasound scanner
    New modem appearance
    RFID Reader composed
    Level 7 waterproof probe
    FREEZE key on probe
    TF card allow data
    Probe of RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Sonovet ID
    Professional design with 7 level waterproof
    Negative pressure controlling is built in ensuring no air bubble generated while is working
    RFID starting button on it
    FREEZE key are designed both on keyboard and the probe

    Other optional configuration probe image machine
    2D/3D/4D probe
    RFID veterinary ultrasound scanner Specifications
    Display mode:B,B+B
    Monitor:High resolution 6 inch color LCD
    Probe:3.5~5.0 MHz Professional 7 level waterproof
    Max depth:250mm
    Gray level:256 levels
    Measurements:distance,Circumference and vellum
    Animal OB:
    Battery:rechargeable Li,more than 3hrs
High quality cotton K9 nylon reflective dog harnes
  • High quality cotton K9 nylon reflective dog harnes
  • We have;

    Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple or Military colours available.

    Product Description

    Type : Service Dog Vest

    Material: Comfort Durable Breathable Nylon
    Reflective Patches on each side of Harness
    Reflective Strip on Front Chest Strap and Trim of Harness for your dog’s safety
    Two Adjustable Straps for premium & custom fit
    Easy snap release buckle
    Stainless steel and heavy duty D-ring, easy access for your dog’s leash
    Easy to grab handle on Top of Harness for extra control and training
    Harnesses can be used for walking, biking, hiking, tracking, hunting; various support tasks and a lot more.
    Type Service Training Dog Harnesses
    Adjustable Straps. Front Strap and Trim has Reflective Strip for Safety
    Stainless steel heavy duty D ring
    Easy to grab handle on Top of Harness for extra control and training
    Perfect for service dogs, therapy dogs, medical alert dogs, law enforcement and a lot more.
    The harnesses can be used for walking, biking, hiking, tracking, hunting; various support tasks and a lot more.
    Material:The harnesses are made of durable breathable nylon .
    Size – L
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