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Sagittarius Steam Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sagittarius Steam Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dry and Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Cleaner, Steam Vacuum Cleaner, Blower and Steam iron. Multi-purpose 6 in 1 incredibly versatile, one appliance with 6 different functions.

    Easy to use electrical steam and vacuum cleaning commands directly on the handle.
    The most you could ask for cleaning the house.

    In vacuum mode you can vacuum both dry or wet.

    Thanks to its vast range, it can vacuum up to 8 l of water. Equipped with a safety float that stops liquid suction once the tank is full. The tank can be removed from the appliance to enable easy cleaning.

    Ecological: the new water filter traps dirt, eliminates dust, dust mites and pollen without using a bag.

    The blower function allows you to easily blow up balloons, life jackets or inflatable boats; it is also useful to blow away dust from difficult to reach corners, such as radiators or hi-fi systems or blow away leaves. With a specific nebuliser accessory, which can be adjusted and orientated, you can spray delicate flowers.

    Adding just a few drops of essence to the water or a stick-deodorant in the blower plug, scents and creates a pleasant aroma in the entire surroundings.

    Sagittarius is also a powerful steam cleaner to sanitise and clean all your home. The degreasing power of the steam dissolves the dirt, eliminating any dust mites or bacteria responsible for allergies.

    Its efficiency speeds up cleaning of hard floors, tiles, windows and carpets. Ideal against difficult dirt on ovens and cooker rings.

    Ecological: no detergents are required, respecting the environment and enabling real energy savings.

    Unlimited steam: constant and safe top-up of the water tank possible without having to stop or switch off the machine, guaranteeing considerable energy savings.

    Sagittarius can also provide in-depth degreasing with steam and simultaneously vacuums to gather dirt using the innovative water filtration system.

    The wide range of accessories allows you to clean everywhere, even difficult to reach spots.

    NEW!! Now, with a simple move, it transforms into a professional ironing machine: perfect synthesis between compactness and functionality.

    Use a professional type iron with a perspiration-proof cork handle and aluminum plate with a perforated tip. The “dual steam” function flattens even the most stubborn creases (find out more about our dual steam at

    Equipped with a iron stand mat for the convenient re-positioning of the iron when in use.

    This system gives professional results thanks to the steam pressure that reaches 5 bar. The good boiler capacity guarantees vast working autonomy without stopping to top-up water.
Compact Bluetooth PC / Mac Compatible Keyboard
  • Compact Bluetooth PC / Mac Compatible Keyboard
  • WKB-803A, is at the forefront of cutting edge wireless keyboard with multi-host switchable feature (patented). It is an ideal wireless keyboard for using iMac, iPad, iPhone or other Android OS Tablets in between, thanks to multi-host switchable feature. This compact size keyboard comes equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 technology with 2 x AA batteries, scissor-type key mechanism among many other features.

    Key Number : 78/ 79 keys (US/ EU)Scissor-type Key Switch
    Tx Technology : Bluetooth¬ wireless technology, V3.0
    Feature key : “ host select “ key + 1, 2 ~ 8 keys for host select
    HTN Display : 1 digit HTN display, monochrome
    Number of Host Register : Register up to 8 different Bluetooth hosts
    Antenna/ Antenna Gain : PCB antenna / 0 dBi (Typ)
    Frequency/ Channels : 2.402Ghz ~ 2.480Ghz/ 79 channels
    Modulation : GFSK (Differential phase shift keying)
    Output Power : Normal mode (GFSK): -0.61 dBm
    Data Rate / Sensitivity : Up to 2.1Mbps / <0.1% BER at -70dBm
    Operating Range : Up to 8 M (Free space)
    Key Switch : Scissor-type Membrane with 5 million life cycle time
    Key Force/ Traveling Distance : 55 +/- 7 gm; 2.1 +/- 0.2 mm
    LED Indicator : Indicate pairing (blinking), Host link in blue LED, CapLock (5 Min. Max.) and Low battery (blinking slowly)
    Function Keys for Mac : F1 Decrease Brightness, F2 Increase Brightness, F3 Expose, F4 Dashboard
    Holding Fn Keys for Windows : Fn + F1 = help etc.
    Switch / Button : 1 x power switch, 1 x pairing button
    Power Source : 3.0 VDC, 2 x AA Alkaline batteries
    Operating Temperature : 0 to 50 degrees Celsius (10% to 95% RH, 25 degree Celsius)
    Storage Temperature : -10 to 65 degrees Celsius (5% to 90% RH, 25 degree Celsius)
    Dimension (mm) : 285.0 (L) x 132.0 (W) x 18.5 (H)mm
    Compatibility : Compatible with Windows XP or later, Mac OS 10.6 or later, Android OS of smart phone and Tablets
    Accessories : 2 x AA batteries, 1 x User’s manual
    Packing Information : TBD
Excellent investment opportunity in Balatonfüzfő
  • Excellent investment opportunity in Balatonfüzfő
  • Location of Balatonfűzfő - industrial area, office building , with warehouse for sale!

    9500 nm excellent investment opportunity in Balatonfűzfő.
    In the vicinity of the balaton, there is a working accommodation / office building, warehousing and industrial activity. (Industrial train track)

    Fixed revenue is provided by the former chimney of the power plant. (Several mobile operators on the market have a permanent rental right and a lease agreement)

    An area suitable for installing solar panels can be connected to existing buildings and the connection to the Eon network is also available on the existing wiring system.

    From Owners directly, free of charge.

    There was no public utility debt and no industrial activity was carried out in the area.
    Water, electricity connection gas connection.
    There is no material to be disposed of.

    Location within the city center (easy access)

    The real estate property to be sold is 9500nm.
    The total number of buildings on it is 4876.7nm.
    Number of superstructures: 5

    The main building has a high ceiling.

    main Building
    Boiler House - workshop, locker room
    Base area: 3713 nm
    Layout of the building Ground floor, 2 floors

    Office building

    Office Building: 511.5 nm
    Levels above ground level2
    Sectional structure: ground floor, 1st floor

    Separate building
    Ground floor: 11 offices, meeting room, kitchen / dining room, male and female washbasin, shower
    In addition: 8 offices, meeting rooms, Kitchen / dining room, male and female washbasin, shower

    1.Real building

    An exterior building with an area of ​​628 sqm
    offices suitable for building upstairs, no doors and windows
    Ideal for workshops, workshops, warehouses.

    2. Warehouse

    Floor area: 651,8nm
    Ideal for workshops, workshops, warehouses
    It has: railway track, loading area
    Interior design: 1 workshop, 1 office, shared storage area.

    Please contact me for more information.
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